Best HomeKit-enabled smart home accessories announced at CES 2018

From smart showers to smart faucets and smart switches to smart buttons, CES 2018 has been jam-packed with some of the best, most viable smart home products we've ever seen at the trade show. If you're a smart home enthusiast with a particular preference for HomeKit-enabled products, these are the smart home accessories you're going to be adding to your home this year!

Kohler Konnect

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Kohler's smart faucet features support for Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and the Google Assistant allowing you to operate water flow using just your voice.

You can turn on and off your faucet, measure precise amounts ("pour two cups of water"), and monitor water usage and leaks. A smart faucet might — at first — seem like an unnecessary luxury, but you've got to admit — it would be nice not to have to convert measurements and check and recheck measuring cups.

The Sensate Faucet isn't currently available but you can visit Kohler's site and sign up to be notified when it arrives.

Kohler's PerfectFill bath system will free you from the monotony that is sitting by your bath waiting for it to heat up and fill. A valve, system controller, and drain work together to give you complete control of your bathing experience — it senses and controls depth, temperature, and draining.

Using your voice you can literally command your bath to fill to a certain level at a certain temperature. You can leave the room and come back to a blissfully steamy tub instead of an overflowing bathroom or a tiny, chilly swimming pool. When you're done bathing, your water will drain away at your command.

The PerfectFill System isn't currently available but you can visit Kohler's site and sign up to be notified when it arrives.

U by Moen

U by Moen is the company's name for its smart shower system. You can use your voice to start, stop, and pause your shower with your voice, set your shower to a specific temperature, and create your perfect shower preset.

Depending on your shower setup (between two and four water outlets), you can personalize your shower to your exact specifications. Our favorite part of the U by Moen system is the notification feature. No more waiting by the shower, making tiny adjustments to the nozzles until you get the perfect temperature — you can set it and get an alert when everything's ready to go!

The U by Moen shower system costs between $1,225 and $2,265 depending on the number of outlets you have in your shower setup.

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iDevices Instinct Smart Switch & Fan Switch

Although the iDevices Instinct Smart Switch is mainly meant to be an extension of Amazon's Alexa voice service, the lighting functionality can also be controlled via HomeKit.

When a standard light switch is replaced with the Instinct, users gain the functionality of a smart light switch, standalone voice assistant, ambient light sensor and motion detector — all in one product. Users cannot only manage connected products, but also listen to music, find a new recipe and get the news. Motion and light sensors allow users to automate lights and receive custom alerts, providing energy savings and peace of mind.

If you have fans in your home and would like to control their speed, iDevices makes one of the only HomeKit-enabled fan switches on the market.

The Ceiling Fan Switch [adds] smart functionality through an elegantly designed wall switch and a canopy receiver — allowing users to control their fan's speed and lighting with a simple voice command to Siri, Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Both the iDevices Instinct Smart Switch and Ceiling Fan Switch will be available later this year.

Belkin Wemo Bridge

If you've got any Belkin Wemo products in your home, you'll be happy to hear that Belkin is finally shipping its Wemo Bridge, a device that will make your Wemo products compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Much like the Philips Hue lighting system or Lutron Caséta lighting system, the Wemo Bridge connects directly to your router, offering a go-between (hence the term bridge) for Apple's HomeKit system and Wemo's smart products.

You can snag a Belkin Wemo Bridge for $39.99; the first orders are expected to ship out next week.

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ConnectSense In-Wall Outlet

The ConnectSense in-wall outlet is a two-outlet, HomeKit-enabled switch with separate controls for each device that you plug in. Interestingly, it's one of the first HomeKit-enabled products to offer NFC setup.

The outlet allows for complete control and monitoring of any device that is plugged into either one of the WiFi-connected outlets, including lights, fans, and other plug-in devices. The built-in plug detection automatically senses when a device is plugged in, and can be controlled using the app, built-in touch controls or voice control via third party devices.

It's unclear how much this product will cost when it ships, but keep an eye out on the ConnectSense website and Amazon!

One of the downsides of CO alarms and smoke detectors is their single-use nature. They do one thing (although they — hopefully — do them well). First Alert decided to take a CO alarm, smoke detector, and a wireless speaker and put them in one product. Brilliant! What's more, First Alert is supporting AirPlay 2 in the Onelink Safe & Sound — one of the first HomeKit-enabled products to offer this functionality.

The Onelink Safe & Sound is [a] smoke and carbon monoxide alarm with a superior home speaker and ability to process voice commands. The device features exclusive voice and location technology to alert users to the type of danger and its location. The wireless interconnection feature automatically activates other Onelink alarms in the home when an emergency is detected.

It's unclear when this product will ship, but we'll be keeping an eye out!

Philips Hue

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Nanoleaf Remote, Elgato Eve Button, Fibaro's The Button

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