Best HomeKit Light Bulb Sockets 2022

iDevices Socket with light bulb installed
iDevices Socket with light bulb installed (Image credit: iDevices)

The best HomeKit light bulb sockets are an easy way to squeeze a little more out of your current bulbs. These sockets add remote control of your bulbs through the Home app, Siri, HomeKit scenes, and automations. Plus, they can also add dimming if your existing bulb supports it. Make your lighting smart with the best HomeKit light bulb sockets on the market today.

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the best HomeKit light bulb sockets are the perfect way to reduce waste by adding smart home connectivity to your existing bulbs, so you don't need to go out and buy the best smart lightbulbs. These adapters provide access to remote controls, automations, and Siri, in an easy to install package. The iDevices Socket not only adds the smarts to your bulbs, but it also includes a colorful LED ring around its base, allowing it to work as an indicator light or a nightlight.

If you are looking for the lowest price around, Incipio's CommandKit Wireless Smart Light Bulb Adapter is the one for you. This affordable socket is cheaper than most smart bulbs and doesn't skimp out on features.

Need the absolute thinnest socket around for your light fixture? Then check out the Terncy Smart Light Socket. This socket provides all of the awesome HomeKit functionality in an incredibly compact form factor.

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