Best HomeKit Light Panels iMore 2021

The best HomeKit light panels strike the perfect balance between form and function. Siri can create beautiful sunsets on demand, and when not in use, they fade into the background with their clean designs. HomeKit is the real star of the best HomeKit light panels, because of the adding versatility and control it adds to your lighting. There are several options available, each with their own unique abilities, so we have gathered the best around to help you decide which is right for your space.

Touch the future: Nanoleaf Canvas

Staff Favorite

Nanoleaf's Canvas light panels offer a glimpse of the future, today, with their awesome color-changing abilities and modular square tiles. These panels can display up to 16 million unique colors, and can sync up to your music, making them perfect for parties. Best of all, each tile works as a HomeKit button, meaning you can tap a tile to start an automation, or to set a scene. It's all customizable through the Home app.

Custom color: LIFX Tile

The LIFX Tile starter set comes with five unique squares that can connect to each other, giving you the ability to create your own works of art. These panels not only look cool, but they are seriously bright, capable of outputting a whopping 2,100 lumens of light when all five are on. Each panel also has 64 assignable color zones.

$240 at Amazon

Adjustable white light: Ikea FLOALT LED Light Panel

This panel from Ikea brings clear adjustable white light to almost any space, large or small. These panels can function as task lighting, producing up to 2,200 lumens of customizable light, from warm white to daylight, and they come in three different sizes. Of course, the FLOALT panel's minimalistic design also ensures they can fit in with almost any decor.

$129 at Ikea

Triangular power: Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit

Nanoleaf's Aurora Rhythm Edition Starter Kit brought smart, connected light panels to the masses with their incredible design and color capabilities. Although they lack the touch capabilities of their Canvas cousins, these triangular panels offer cleaner lighting that spans from edge to edge, making them look all kinds of cool.

Beam them up: LIFX Beam

The LIFX Beam system takes a different approach to panel lighting, with narrow frames and a light strip-like design. Each beam piece measures around 12 inches in length, and link together to form an impressive, yet functional piece of art that can even span corners with additional adapters that come in the box. The beam can produce around 16 million different colors, and its design allows light to travel from piece to piece.

$240 at Amazon

Life of the party

The best HomeKit light panels provide rich colors, bright whites, and smart capabilities, all in a form factor that is just simply cool to look at. These panels integrate directly with HomeKit and Siri, giving you the ability to summon a sunset at will with just a tap or your voice. They are a perfect complement to any non-smart light bulbs you chose to control with HomeKit light switches in your home to handle all your lighting needs.

We love the Nanoleaf Canvas for its awesome modular square design, built-in music syncing, and touch sensitivity, allowing them to act as HomeKit buttons that can set scenes or activate other accessories.

Looking for a light panel system that offers the highest level of customization? Then the LIFX Tile is the set for you. These magical panels have 64 color zones per panel, making colors flow more naturally between shades. Whichever set you choose, these HomeKit panels are sure to be a hit at your next party or get together.

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