Best HomeKit nightlights 2022

Vocolinc Smart Led Light Strip Homekit Nightlight Hero
Vocolinc Smart Led Light Strip Homekit Nightlight Hero (Image credit: VOCOlinc)

The best HomeKit nightlights combine the path and room lighting staples with modern home conveniences. Whether it's controlling your nightlight's brightness levels through the Home app or Siri or having them light automatically with motion, these HomeKit accessories can do so much more than their "dumb" counterparts. Check out the best of both worlds with our guide to the best HomeKit nightlight options around.

The best HomeKit nightlights are guiding lights

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Nightlights are a staple in most homes as they help to shine a little light in a dark room or serve as a guiding light for the late-night snack run. The best HomeKit nightlights take these household helpers to the next level through customization, convenience, and control, all through an app or Siri. The Eton Blackout Buddy Connect is one of our favorite nightlights as it offers a rare combination of lighting, connectivity, and safety, keeping your area lit and your devices powered in case of emergency.

Need a nightlight for the nursery? Then check out the Arlo Baby. This playful partner checks all of the baby essentials with an HD camera, two-way audio, temperature sensing, and of course, a nightlight. Whatever option you choose, your home will have the subtle light that you need, as well as HomeKit connectivity, making the darkness disappear with automations or color.

Want to create a work of art out of light? Buy a bunch of LifeSmart Cololight Plus lights and create a colorful light scene. Or buy just one; it's pretty cool all by itself. Check out our LifeSmart Cololight Plus review to learn more.

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