CES is that time of year when technology companies show off the latest and greatest gadgets they plan on releasing in the year to come. This year, many manufacturers have shown up with a number of HomeKit-compatible products, from switches to security cameras.

Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm

Netatmo's latest smart home device is a HomeKit-connect smoke alarm. This alarm will alert you to smoke in your house whether you're at home or not. Get notifications right on your phone, telling that there's smoke and where it's been detected. No pricing or availability information has been announced yet. - See at Netatmo

Carrier Côr Thermostat

While not a new product, Carrier's Côr Thermostat is adding HomeKit functionality, letting you control the temperature in your home using Apple's Home app, Siri, or one of a number of HomeKit control applications. - See at Amazon

D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD

D-Link has announced its first HomeKit-enabled camera, the Omna 180 Cam HD. The camera offers a 180-degree field of view, letting you watch over an entire room, and offers dynamic video streaming with a continually-adjusting bitrate so you don't miss a frame. There's also a built-in microphone and speaker, letting you communicate with someone through the camera. - More info from D-Link

Leviton Decora Smart Dimmers and Switches

Leviton has announced a trio of HomeKit products bound for your home later this year. These in-wall switches and dimmers, including the 1000W and 600W Universal Dimmers, as well as the 15A Universal Rocker Switch, will allow full HomeKit control to the lights of an entire room. Available in April 2017, for an unannounced price. - See at Leviton

Incipio CommandKit Smart Power Strip and Smart Wall Switch

Incipio has announced a pair of products for its HomeKit-enabled CommandKit line. The first, the Wireless Smart Wall Switch, features not only a dimmer switch you can control with your iPhone, but a motion sense that can activate other connected products when you enter a room.

The second product is the Wireless Smart Power Strip, which allows you to connect up to four powered appliances, which you can control individually on a per-outlet level. Arriving Q2 2017 with the Wall Switch available for $59.99 and the Power Strip for $99.99. - See at Incipio{.nofollow}

iDevices Instant Switch

The latest HomeKit product from iDevices is the Instant Switch, which can be stuck anywhere on a wall and communicates with any other iDevices smart lighting product via Bluetooth. While you can fit the Instant Switch over any two-screw wall plate, you can also stick it to a wall using the included adhesive backing. Available mid—2017 for $49.95. - See at iDevices

ConnectSense Bluetooth Extender

ConnectSense's Bluetooth Extender serves as a hub for your HomeKit-enabled products, letting you monitor and control them from anywhere, without an iPad or Apple TV required. The price of the Bluetooth extender have not yet been announced and ConnectSense is shooting for a spring 2017 release. - See at ConnectSense

These are just a sampling of the HomeKit products that we expect to see this year. What would you like to see hit the HomeKit space from appliance manufacturers? Let us know in the comments.




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