Best HomeKit Video Doorbells iMore 2020

Video doorbells are essential with its ability to keep track of precious packages and the best HomeKit video doorbells have Home app controls. In addition to remote viewing and easy sharing, some HomeKit doorbells include HomeKit Secure Video, which enables iCloud storage, Activity Zones, and Face Recognition. Although there are only a handful of options available, these are some of the best HomeKit Video Doorbells that you can buy today.

The one and only: Yobi B3 Video Doorbell

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Yobi's B3 Video Doorbell has the distinction of being the only HomeKit option currently available in North America. This wired doorbell features 1080p high-resolution video with a wide-angle, 180-degree Fresnel lens, two-way audio, and pairs directly to the Home app without an account or separate app. In our review, we found it featured fantastic reliability and lightning-fast response times, but it comes with some significant caveats: It does not record video nor does it support HomeKit Secure Video.

$199 at Amazon

Europe first: Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell

The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell, which is only available in Europe for now, features a slick modern design that works with existing wiring and chimes. Netatmo's doorbell captures and streams video in 1080p HD resolution, with a 140-degree wide field of view, and includes staples like two-way audio and infrared night vision. For recordings, this doorbell works with microSD cards up to 32GB for secure local storage, and an update to HomeKit Secure Video is in the works for even more flexibility.

£270 at Amazon UK

Ring them in: Robin ProLine Video Doorbell

Another doorbell for the European market (although you can order it in the States from Amazon), the Robin ProLine doorbell sports a clean, aluminum industrial design complete with a backlit nameplate. This doorbell has a 130-degree wide field of view and 720p video capabilities, along with two-way audio. Robin's line of doorbells are the only options that support HomeKit Secure Video, which adds iCloud storage, Face Recognition and Activity Zones.

The same. but smaller: Robin ProLine Compact Video Doorbell

Robin's ProLine Compact Video Doorbell may be smaller, but it packs many of the same features as the original. 720p video, 130-degree video, two-way audio, and the incredibly cool custom nameplate are all here, plus this version comes in three different finishes. Like the larger doorbell, this option is primarily for European markets. However, it does include HomeKit Secure Video support, so it's a winner if you live across the pond.


Even though options are limited and some are missing some rather significant features, the best HomeKit video doorbells are the perfect solution for those that want everything in the Home app. With convenient notifications, easy family sharing, excellent image quality, and HomeKit Secure Video on specific models, these doorbells are worth looking at if you are all-in on Apple's smart home platform.

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If you can look past its lack of video recording capabilities, the Yobi B3 Video Doorbell is the best (and only) option currently for those in North America. The B3 can stream video in 1080p, provide instant notifications for motion and doorbell events, and it is incredibly fast and reliable. Its Home app only setup doesn't require an account, so it makes this choice a dream for those who value their privacy.

For those in Europe, the Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell gets our pick with its low price tag, local storage capabilities, and 1080p video. Plus, Netatmo plans to bring Apple's HomeKit Secure Video to the doorbell in a future update, which will make it a complete security solution for the porch.

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