Best iMessage stickers for Thanksgiving

One thing that always bothered me about Thanksgiving was that there isn't any holiday music like there is with Christmas: sure, chestnut's roasting on an open fire are great and everything, but what about turkey's frying and causing a grease fire in my apartment kitchen? Where is the Thanksgiving spirit, people?!

Turns out, it's all in the stickers! Here are a couple of super fun & turkey-licious stickers to get you in that thankful mood!

Thanksgiving for iMessage

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Send your friends and family some beautifully designed Thanksgiving cheer with these Thanksgiving for iMessage stickers!

Designed with a minimal, hip peach and dark brown color palette (sweet potatoes and stuffing, anyone?), these stickers feature adorable little hand drawn flowers, hearts, and doodles, along with sayings like 'Happy Thanksgiving', 'There's always something to be thankful for', 'I'm Thankful because of you', and so many more holiday-themed options.

Recently, there were over 30 new stickers added to this sticker pack, so you can send out twice as much luv to your loved ones while you simultaneously stuff your face with turkey.

Thanksgiving sticker pack – stickers for iMessage

If you're looking for a more playful, fun approach to sending stickers this Thanksgiving weekend, then we suggest checking out this festive, turkey-loving sticker pack from Sage&Oak!

With adorable little turkeys, balloons, colorful confetti, hearts, and more, you're bound to send a little holiday love via iMessage with this sticker pack. You can even get little banners that hand from your messages!

The best part of the pack, though, as to be the turkey, pie, and ham drawings. Not only are they adorable, but who doesn't like sending some ham directly to your BFFs iPhone?!


Do you speak turkey? I kind of do… Gobble gobble gobble, g-gobble g-gobble gobble gob. Gobble. Any idea what I said?! I said, "Seriously go check out TurkeyMoji if you want everything turkey and everything Thanksgiving!"

TurkeyMoji is exactly what it sounds like: a place for everything turkey. There are cartoony turkeys, angry turkeys, classic turkeys, cooked turkeys, talking turkeys, turkeys in hates, more realistic turkeys, you name it! If you can think of a turkey, TurkeyMoji probably has it.

Also, a fun game to play with TurkeyMoji is to find the most ridiculous looking turkey with your friend and keep sending it to them throughout Thanksgiving. Whoever breaks the turkey train and tells the other to stop sending the TurkeyMoji loses. GOBBLE.

Kimoji Thanksgiving edition

Kim Kardashian may not be in the spotlight recently since her horrific ordeal in Paris, but that doesn't mean that Kimoji isn't ready to get into the pumpkin pie-loving, holiday mood.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the queen of the internet released some pretty ridiculous and raunchy stickers that you can send to family and friends via iMessage.

From a fully-cooked Thanksgiving meal, to a Pumpkin Spice Latte, to a praying Kim K and her ugly crying face on a Macy's parade balloon, to just her boobs covered with things like footballs, pumpkins, and an apron, you're bound to find something ridiculously on-point this Thanksgiving.


How are you celebrating turkey-day?

Are there a couple of stickers for iMessage that have truly put you in the Thanksgiving mood?! Let us know where we can find them in the comments and we'll be sure to check them out!

PS: Here's the closest thing to an actual Thanksgiving song. Thank you, Linda Belcher!

Updated November 2017: These are the most turkey-riffic sticker packs in all the land!

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