Best keyboard for Mac

Whether you prefer mechanical, ergonomic, compact, or Bluetooth connected, there's a keyboard out there that's right for you. If you don't like Apple's Magic Keyboard, there are some great alternatives out there that might suit you better.

Alternatives to Magic Keyboard

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If you're not a fan of Apple's Magic Keyboard, which comes included with all iMac computers, but want something that has some of the same features, like quick access to Launchpad, there are a few alternatives that are a comfortable transition.

Logitech Easy-Switch K811

Logitech K811

Logitech's K811 is my favorite Magic Keyboard alternative because it has three Bluetooth pairing channels. That means, you can pair it with your Mac, iPhone, and iPad (or Apple TV, or another Mac, or whatever you need a keyboard for). It's got a backlit keyboard and uses the Mac layout with keys that are specifically mapped to Mac functions, like Mission Control, Launch Pad, screen brightness, and more. It costs about $90 and is slim enough to store away if you only use it on occasion.

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Best alternatives to Apple's Magic Keyboard


If you type a lot, you're probably looking for something that you can ensure is the most ideal position for your wrists. There are a few great ergonomic keyboards on the market that are meticulously designed for ideal wrist positioning.

Microsoft Sculpt

Microsoft Sculpt

Microsoft makes a unique keyboard that has taken all curves, tilt, and cushioning into consideration. It splits the keyboard in half and angles the keys so your reach is minimal and your wrist doesn't have to sit in any awkward angle at all. It curves upward at the middle so your fingers can naturally move toward the center keys without any effort. The cushion padding attached to the front of the keyboard facilitates the correct wrist positioning so you're not leaning upward while you type.

Wirecutter considers it the best ergonomic keyboard on the market.

[The Microsoft Sculpt is an] inexpensive ergonomic keyboard that puts your wrists in the ideal typing position for pleasant typing over long periods.

It comes with a separate number pad and costs about $100.

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Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards have physical switches that cause that electrical current to be produced and sent to the computer. They have a unique tactile presence that most newer keyboards don't have. If you prefer a mechanical keyboard, there are a few on the market that work great with Mac.

Das Keyboard 4

Das Keyboard

Das Keyboard 4 (Image credit: Das Keyboard)

The Das 4 is one of the most popular mechanical keyboard on the market. It's got a significant audible click and satisfying tactile feel. It also features a number pad and over sized volume knobs. The media controls are ideal for gamers and heavy productivity types alike. It also comes with two USB 3.0 ports so you can charge up your devices while working (or playing). It comes in two different styles, one with smart clicks and one silent one. It costs about $170.

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Compact keyboard

If you're often on the road and don't like the way Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboard feel, you can grab a compact, portable peripheral that you can pack alongside your lappy for a typing performance that fits your needs a little better.

1byone Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

1byone keyboard

This little ditty is designed for mobile devices, like iPhone and iPad, but works great with Macs. It folds up into a small package 5.8"x3.5"x0.7". When opened up and ready for work, it folds out into a standard size keyboard. It features a standard set of function keys, which double as shortcut paths to such things as cut/copy/paste, audio controls, and returning to the Home screen. It also supports functions for Android and Windows, so if you're a multi-brand household, you can use this foldable Bluetooth keyboard with different devices seamlessly. It's also fairly inexpensive at only about $30.

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Your favorite?

What type of keyboard suits your style best? Do you have a favorite brand you go back to time and again? Let us know in the comments and tell us why you love it.

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