Best Kids Games for Mac in 2020

LEGO Builders Journey Hero
LEGO Builders Journey Hero (Image credit: Bryan M. Wolfe/iMore)

Your Mac isn't just good for doing schoolwork or connecting with friends. Thanks to the Mac App Store, it's also the home to impressive games for kids. Many of our favorites are part of Apple Arcade. However, there are others we recommend that you can purchase separately.

Alto's Adventure

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First released on iOS in 2015, Alto's Adventure remains one of the most popular games in the Apple universe, regardless of platform. Packed with 180 handcrafted goals, Alto's Adventure for Mac is a snowboarding odyssey like no other. The physics-based gameplay is easy to learn but challenging to master, which is precisely how these types of games should be no?

Once you master Alto's Adventure, move onto Alto's Odyssey, which is also available on the Mac App Store. You'll be happy you did as Alto's adventure moves to a warmer climate.

Bring You Home

The Love You to Bits team is out with its latest game, Bring You Home. Featuring Polo, a humble alien hero, your job is to reunite the star with his kidnapped alien pet. Family-friendly, this puzzle adventure comes with a few exciting twists through a unique game mechanic. Silly, inventive, and unexpected, Bring You Home comes highly recommended.

Crossy Road Castle

For solo or multiple users, Cross Road Castle builds on the original game in fun new ways. With various levels and variations, the game is easy to enjoy even offline. Better still, every run up the castle is different. And like all Apple Arcade games, there are no in-app purchases required.


In the 2D world of Salt, life has changed considerably, and not for the better. Fear has arrived where there was once happiness; oppression has replaced freedom. But all is not lost thanks to Dandara, a heroine for our time. In this platformer game, you'll discover mysteries and secrets hidden throughout the world of Salt alongside its interesting cast of characters. Where does it end? That's up to you to figure out.


In Element, you're escaping a decaying solar system where you must visit each different planets to grab essential elements. By doing so, you'll generate energy and build attack and defense units to defeat your enemy. The realtime strategy space game is beautifully crafted and designed for those who don't have hours to invest in gameplay.

LEGO Builder's Journey

LEGO Builder's Journey is a poetic puzzle that takes place in a breathtaking world filled with brick-by-brick effects, accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack. Throughout the narrative, discover movements that go up and down, challenges that inspire, and celebrations that will keep building.

My Brother Rabbit

A little girl and her brother use the power imagination to escape a hostile outside world. What they discover is a fantastic universe that provides the play and comfort they need. In this land of make-believe, you'll help an adorable rabbit play mini-games, find hidden objects, and more. Along the way, you'll discover five amazing areas full of unique characters, including robs-moose, giant mushrooms, and more.


For three to eight players, Quiplash comes from the team that brought us You Don't Know Jack and Fibbage. The question-and-answer game has no rules and no correct answers. What it does is offer hours of fun for family and friends.

Things That Go Bump

During the night, everyday objects and rooms come to life. Be careful of spirit creatures called yōkai, which can both destroy and give life. Fun and challenging for the whole family, Things That Go Bump offers gameplay for up to four players across multiple devices, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Your favorites?

Does your little one sit behind the computer, playing games better than you ever could at that age? What is their favorite go-to Mac game? Let us know in the comments below.

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