Best note apps for iPad

Whether typed notes or handwritten notes are your thing, these are the best note taking apps for iPad!

The iPad is a great productivity tool and that includes taking notes, whether you're in the classroom or the boardroom. The only thing you really have to decide is how you want to take notes. If your needs are simple, perhaps a simple text based app will do. If you're a student and want a better way to collect lecture notes and right down complicated formulas, you'll probably want something more advanced. Follow along and we'll help you decide which is the best iPad app to suit all your note taking needs!

1. Evernote

Best note apps for iPad: Evernote

*For everything, everywhere**

Evernote is free, available for every platform you can imagine, and syncs across all your devices. With support for text notes, checklists, reminders, annotation and markup, collaboration, and more, Evernote is the Swiss army knife of note taking apps.

2. Vesper

Best note apps for iPad: Vesper

For elegance and tagging

Vesper supports text and images and can sync notes back and forth between iPhone and iPad. Organization is done with tags. Vesper's layout is clean and beautiful. It may not have the advanced features others have, but if you don't need them, you'll appreciate Vesper's elegance.

3. Notability

Best note apps for iPad: Notability

For students

Notability lets you sketch, draw, write, and type notes. You can also take audio recordings right inside the app, and upload and markup photos or PDFs. Everything you do is then synced between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Notability has unlimited possibilities, which makes it great for students and creatives.

4. Drafts 4

Best note apps for iPad: Drafts 4

For text time-shifters

Drafts 4 lets you write down text whenever or where ever the mood strikes you, then move that text to other apps — anything from social networks to word processors to communications to calendars — with just a few taps. It's a great place to store what you need until you know where you need it.

5. Noteshelf

Best note apps for iPad: Noteshelf

For the archivists

Noteshelf lets you take text or handwritten notes. You can also annotate PDFs, fill forms, and much more. Noteshelf also has a huge collection of pen, pencil, and paper options that just can't be rivaled. If you always wanted a shelf full of notebooks but in digital form, you've always wanted Noteshelf.

6. OneNote

Best note apps for iPad: OneNote

For Microsoft users

If you already use Office 365 or are tied into other Microsoft products, OneNote is simply works with everything else you're already using. OneNote supports text, images, and to do's. With multiple notebook support, powerful search, and password protection. If you're using Microsoft, use OneNote.

7. Simplenote

Best note apps for iPad: Simplenote

For super fast searching

Simplenote supports basic text notes with sync and nothing more. As you grow your collection you can organize with tags and pins. You can also collaborate and see previous revisions of notes if you need to. Simplenote's search is super fast and efficient and if text notes are all you need, Simplenote does it best.

8. Your favorite note taking apps for iPad?

If you take a lot of notes on your iPad, what app do you use regularly and why? Be sure to let me know in the comments!