Best Pokémon Nintendo Switch Accessories iMore 2021

Whether you're purchasing one of the new Pokémon Sword and Shield games for yourself or someone else, there are tons of sweet Pokémon-themed accessories that pair perfectly with these games. I've gathered together the coolest options out there for you to look through. Here are some of the best Pokémon Switch accessories that will hopefully catch your eye.

Hori Travel Bag Pikachu

Pikachu backpack: Hori Travel Bag (Pikachu Edition)

Staff Favorite

This cross-shoulder backpack makes it easy to travel with your Nintendo Switch and any other accessories you wish to take with you. It's large enough to fit your Switch or Switch Lite while in a hardshell case. I love the black and yellow coloring and the awesome-looking Pikachu tail at the bottom. There's also a Poké Ball-themed option as well.

Pokemon Sword and Shield controller

All Sword and Shield starters: PowerA Wireless Controller - Pokémon starters

This impressive wireless Switch Controller works with both the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite. It displays all three starters on the front. You can get this Blue one with the coloring for Sword, or there's also a Red one with the coloring for Shield. They both look super cool.

$36 at Amazon
Pokemon Sword and Shield case

Poké Ball-themed case: Poké Ball Starter Kit Case

If you're getting a Nintendo Switch for the first time, you're definitely going to want a carrying case. Not only does this protect the system from bumps and drops, but it makes it easier to carry accessories and games. Plus, it comes with a cleaning cloth, silicon Joy-Con grips, and a USB-C power cable. That's a great starter kit.

From $8 at Amazon
PowerA Nintendo Switch Scorbunny controller

Fire-type starter: PowerA Enchanced Wireless Controller - Scorbunny

I love the look of these wireless controllers. In addition to Scorbunny, there's also a Grookey-themed and a Sobble-themed controller, as well. These are exclusive to Target, so numbers are limited. These feel way better in your hands than Joy-Cons, and no cables are involved. It works with the Switch and the Switch Lite. Order one while they're still available.

$68 at Amazon
Pokemon Sword and Shield case

Sword and Shield starters: HORI Pokémon Sword and Shield Case

This wonderful case not only keeps the Switch protected from damage but also shows off the Pokémon Sword and Shield starters. One side is red while the other is blue, reflecting the two versions. It has room to hold up to 10 Switch games and continues the red and blue theme inside.

Pokedex game card case

Pokédex-themed Game Case: Funlab Premium Game Card Case

This fun game card case takes on the shape of the Pokédex, as seen in the Pokémon animated series. It holds up to six games and is made of a light-yet-durable aluminum. The compact size makes it easy to port around and travel with.

$9 at Amazon
Pokemon Sword and Shield pokedex

Paperback Pokédex: Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield: The Official Galar Region Pokédex

This awesome book shows off all 400 Pokémon from the Sword and Shield games and talks about each one's strengths and weaknesses. It's sure to be helpful as you play through the latest games.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Strategy Guide

Strategy guide: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield: The Official Galar Region Strategy Guide: Collector's Edition

This awesome-looking official strategy guide not only helps guide you through the game but also features exclusive concept artwork. It also comes with a Pokémon Sword and Shield Joy-Con controller skin and tech decal pack so you can spice up your Switch in style.

Pokemon Sword and Shield accessories

Pikachu vs. Mew: PowerA Wireless Controller - Pokémon Battle

If the person you're buying for is more of a Gen 1 fan, they'll love this sweet controller that shows Mew and Pikachu fighting. I love the sweet turquoise and pink paint splatters. Additionally, the feel of this controller in your hands is way better than using a Joy-Con. It's compatible with both the Switch and the Switch Lite.

From $62 at Amazon
Nintendo Switch Lite Case

Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur: PowerA Protection Case Kit for Switch Lite

This small protective case features Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur in a turquoise checkerboard pattern. This is the smaller case only intended for the Switch Lite. It won't work with the larger Switch; it features a zipper storage area, a carrying handle, and can hold up to six Switch games. It also comes with a cleaning cloth and a screen protector.

$12 at Amazon
Nintendo Switch case

Nintendo Switch Console Carrying Case: NSTang Travel Case - Pokémon Pikachu

If you anticipate needing to bring the larger Switch around with you and other accessories, this case will do the trick. It has room for a Pro Controller, nine game cartridges, the Switch charger, and, of course, your Switch console. I love that it has a hard shell and a carrying case to protect it and make it easier to transport.

$33 at Amazon
Nintendo Switch Play Stand Pokemon

Play in Comfort: Hori Nintendo Switch Pikachu Play Stand

This Pikachu play stand unfolds to a hands-free stand for either Switch or Switch Lite. Two different common angles help keep you comfortable during your adventures into the Wild Area and team battles. And fold the stand back up for an easy travel size to tuck into your favorite case.

$12 at Amazon

I choose you!

Pokémon Sword and Shield are super fun RPGs for the Nintendo Switch. If you're looking for some sweet Pokémon-themed accessories for yourself or someone else this holiday season, there are plenty to choose from.

My absolute favorite is the Pikachu-themed Hori Travel Bag since it works with both the Switch and the Switch Lite. It also makes it easier to bring your Switch and favorite accessories with you wherever you go.

If you're getting a Switch for the first time, I highly recommend you get a carrying case, like this Poké Ball Starter Kit Case to protect the console from damage. This particular case comes with an extra USB-C cable, a cleaning cloth, and silicone Joy-Con grips. Finally, if you're looking for a more comfortable gaming experience, you should really consider getting one of these PowerA wireless controllers. They feel way better in your hands than the Joy-Cons, and there's a different theme for each one of the Sword and Shield starters. However, they're exclusive to Target, so you'll want to hurry and pick one up before they're all gone.

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