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While it may seem like Combat Power (CP) or stats (IVs) are the most important factors in Pokémon Go, movesets play a critical role as well. Movesets are the combination of the fast attack and charged attack your Pokémon uses in battles.

The wonderful, terrible thing about movesets is that they're usually determined at random. The good news is that, with Technical Machines (TMs) and Elite TMs, you change your old, terrible moves. But how do you know which movesets will help your Pokémon win at PvP Trainer Battles and decimate Gyms and Raids and which will make a fight simply unwinnable? Here's the newly updated list! And be sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories to take your game to the next level!

What are the best Pokémon Go movesets?

While we won't go into the best movesets for every single Pokémon — after all, even with the best moves, a Pidgey isn't getting you very far — we do have the best moves for all the Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, as well as the best non-Legendary Pokémon. And now, with the introduction of Mega Evolution, we've got your Mega Pokémon too!

Mega Pokémon

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Mega Evolution has finally made its way to Pokémon Go and it's quite the game changer! Mega Evolution gives your Pokémon a huge stat boost, as well as boosting other Pokémon you battle with during Raids.

Pokémon Attack
Mega Venusaur Vine Whip + Frenzy Plant*
Mega Charizard X Dragon Breath* + Dragon Claw
Mega Charizard Y Fire Spin + Blast Burn*
Mega Blastoise Water Gun + Hydro Cannon
Mega Beedrill Poison Jab + Sludge Bomb
Mega Pidgeot Wing Attack* + Brave Bird
Mega Slowbro Confusion + Psychic
Mega Gengar Lick* or Shadow Claw + Shadow Ball
Mega Kangaskhan Mud Slap + Earthquake
Mega Gyarados Waterfall + Hydro Pump
Bite + Crunch
Mega Aerodactyl Rock Throw + Rock Slide
Mega Ampharos Volt Switch + Zap Cannon
Mega Steelix Iron Tail + Heavy Slam
Mega Houndoom Snarl + Foul Play
Mega Manectric Charge Beam + Wild Charge
Mega Altaria Dragon Breath + Dazzling Gleam
Mega Absol Snarl + Dark Pulse
Mega Latias Dragon Breath + Outrage
Zen Headbutt + Psychic
Mega Latios Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw
Zen Headbutt + Psychic
Mega Lopunny Low Kick + Focus Blast
Mega Abomasnow Powder Snow + Weather Ball

Legendary and Mythical Pokémon

Pokemon Go Metweo Articuno Zapdos MoltresSource: Niantic

While there are some Trainers who have entire teams of each Legendary Pokémon, Legendaries and Mythicals are some of the rarest Pokémon in the game. On top of that, they require the most walking to earn Candies, so it can be extremely time-consuming and outright expensive to power them up and teach them new moves. However, they're also some of the most powerful Pokémon in the game, so you'll want them to have the best possible movesets.

Pokémon Attack
Articuno Frost Breath + Ice Beam or Blizzard
Zapdos Thunder Shock* + Thunder Bolt
Moltres Fire Spin + Overheat
Wing Attack + Sky Attack*
Mewtwo Confusion or Psycho Cut + Psystrike* or Shadow Ball*
Armored Mewtwo Confusion + Psystrike*
Mew Shadow Claw + Psyshock
Raikou Thunder Shock + Wild Charge
Entei Fire Fang + Overheat
Suicune Snarl + Hydro Pump
Lugia Extrasensory + Aeroblast++*
Ho-Oh Incinerate + Sacred Fire++*
Hidden Power (Flying) + Brave Bird
Celebi Magical Leaf + Leaf Storm
Confusion + Psychic
Regirock Rock Throw or Lock-On + Stone Edge
Regice Frost Breath or Lock-On + Blizzard
Registeel Metal Claw or Lock-On + Flash Cannon
Latias Dragon Breath + Outrage
Latios Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw
Kyogre Waterfall + Surf
Groudon Mud Shot + Earthquake or Solar Beam
Rayquaza Dragon Tail + Outrage
Jirachi Confusion + Doom Desire
Deoxys (Normal forme) Charge Beam + Thunderbolt
Deoxys (Attack forme) Poison Jab + Dark Pulse
Deoxys (Defense forme) Counter + Thunder Bolt or Rock Slide
Deoxys (Speed forme) Zen Headbutt + Thunderbolt
Uxie Confusion + Future Sight
Mesprit Confusion + Future Sight
Azelf Confusion + Future Sight
Dialga Dragon Breath + Draco Meteor
Palkia Dragon Tail + Draco Meteor
Heatran Fire Spin + Flamethrower
Regigigas Hidden Power + Giga Impact
Giratina (Origin forme) Shadow Claw + Shadow Ball
Giratina (Altered forme) Shadow Claw + Dragon Claw
Cresselia Confusion + Futuresight
Darkrai Snarl + Shadow Ball or Dark Pulse
Victini Confusion + V-Create or Psychic
Cobalion Metal Claw + Sacred Sword*
Terrakion Smack Down + Rock Slide
Virizion Zen Headbutt + Leaf Blade
Tornadus (Incarnate forme) Air Slash + Hurricane
Tornadus (Therian forme) Gust + Hurricane
Thundurus (Incarnate forme) Thunder Shock + Thunder Punch
Thundurus (Therian forme) Volt Switch + Thunderbolt
Reshiram Fire Fang + Overheat
Zekrom Dragon Breath + Outrage
Charge Beam + Wild Charge
Landorus (Incarnate forme) Mud Shot + Earth Power
Landorus (Therian forme) Mud Shot + Earthquake
Kyurem Dragon Breath + Draco Meteor
Meloetta (Aria forme) Confusion + Psyshock
Genesect Fury Cutter + X-Scissor
Xerneas Zen Headbutt + Moonblast
Yveltal Gust + Hurricane
Snarl + Dark Pulse
Hoopa (Confined) Confusion + Psychic
Hoopa (Unbound) Confusion + Psychic
Astonish + Shadow Ball
Tapu Koko Volt Switch + Thunderbolt
Tapu Lele Confusion + Psyshock
Tapu Bulu Bullet Seed + Grass Knot
Tapu Fini Water Gun + Surf or Moonblast
Meltan Thunder Shock + Thunderbolt
Melmetal Thunder Shock + Thunderbolt
Zacian (Hero of Many Battles forme) Psycho Cut + Play Rough
Zamazenta (Hero of Many Battles forme) Bite + Focus Blast
Zarude Vine Whip + Power Whip
  • Note on Mew and Mewtwo: Mew's best moveset is technically Shadow Claw and Psyshock; however, Mew and Mewtwo's greatest strength is the wide variety in their movepools. Mewtwo can excel as with Ice Beam, Flamethrower, and Thunderbolt in special cases. The big difference is that Mew's stats aren't particularly great, while Mewtwo is the best in the game.

Non-Legendary Pokémon

Pokemon Go Battle League AnnouncementSource: Niantic

Most other species of Pokémon can be found more easily than Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. Many are featured in Community Days and other events, so earning Candies for these Pokémon is easier. You probably won't want to waste Elite TMs on most of these Pokémon, but normal TMs can definitely get you some really good moves. While we won't tell you every single Pokémon's best moves (because, let's face it, even with the best moves and top CP, Pidgey isn't going to serve you well in any sort of fight,) here are some of the best non-Legendary Pokémon in the game, along with their ideal movesets:

Pokémon Attack
Venusaur Vine Whip + Frenzy Plant*
Razor Leaf + Sludge Bomb
Charizard Fire Spin + Blast Burn*
Blastoise Water Gun + Hydro Canon*
Arcanine Fire Fang + Flamethrower
Alakazam Confusion + Psychic*
Machamp Counter + Dynamic Punch
Victreebel Razor Leaf + Leaf Blade
Golem Rock Throw + Stone Edge or Rock Blast
Alolan Golem Rock Throw + Rock Blast
Volt Switch + Wild Charge
Slowbro Confusion + Psychic or Ice Beam
Muk Poison Jab or Acid + Gunk Shot
Alolan Muk Poison Jab + Gunk Shot
Bite + Dark Pulse
Gengar Shadow Claw + Shadow Ball
Hypno Confusion + Psychic
Kingler Bubble + Crabhammer
Hisuian Electrode Thunder Shock + Wild Charge or Energy Ball
Exeggutor Confusion + Psychic
Bullet Seed + Solar Beam
Alolan Exeggutor Bullet Seed + Solar Beam
Rhydon Mud Slap + Stone Edge or Earthquake
Mr. Mime Confusion + Psychic
Galarian Mr. Mime Confusion + Psychic or Ice Punch
Pinser Bug Bite + X-Scissor
Gyarados Waterfall + Hydro Pump
Lapras Frost Breath + Blizzard
Vaporeon Water Gun + Hydro Pump
Jolteon Thunder Shock + Thunderbolt
Flareon Fire Spin + Overheat
Omastar Rock Throw* + Rock Slide*
Aerodactyl Rock Throw + Rock Slide
Snorlax Lick + Return*
Dragonite Dragon Breath or Dragon Tail + Outrage
Meganium Vine Whip or Razor Leaf + Frenzy Plant
Typhlosion Ember + Overheat
Feraligatr Waterfall + Hydro Cannon
Ampharos Charge Beam + Zap Cannon
Espeon Confusion + Psychic
Umbreon Snarl + Foul Play or Psychic*
Slowking Confusion + Psychic
Steelix Iron Tail + Heavy Slam
Scizor Bullet Punch + Iron Head
Heracross Counter + Close Combat
Usaring Counter + Hyper Beam
Donphan Counter + Earthquake
Tyranitar Bite + Crunch
Smack Down* + Stone Edge
Sceptile Bullet Seed + Frenzy Plant*
Blaziken Fire Spin + Blast Burn*
Swampert Water Gun + Hydro Cannon*
Gardevoir Charm + Dazzling Gleam
Confusion + Synchronoise
Breloom Counter + Dynamic Punch
Slaking Yawn + Hyper Beam
Hariyama Counter + Dynamic Punch
Aggron Iron Tail + Heavy Slam
Wailord Water Gun + Surf
Flygon Dragon Tail + Dragon Claw
Mud Shot + Earth Power
Armaldo Fury Cutter + Rock Blast
Claydol Confusion + Psychic
Milotic Waterfall + Surf
Banette Shadow Claw + Shadow Ball
Walrein Frost Breath + Blizzard
Salamence Dragon Tail + Outrage*
Metagross Bullet Punch + Meteor Mash*
Torterra Razor Leaf + Frenzy Plant*
Infernape Fire Spin + Blast Burn*
Empoleon Waterfall + Hydro Cannon*
Roserade Razor Leaf + Grass Knot
Poison Jab + Sludge Bomb
Rampardos Smack Down + Rock Slide
Mismagius Hex or Sucker Punch + Shadow Ball
Honchkrow Peck + Sky Attack
Garchomp Mud Shot + Earth Power
Dragon Tail + Outrage
Lucario Counter + Aura Sphere
Weavile Snarl + Foul Play
Ice Shard + Avalanche
Magnezone Spark + Wild Charge
Rhyperior Smack Down + Rock Wrecker*
Mud Slap + Earthquake
Tangrowth Vine Whip + Power Whip
Electivire Thunder Shock + Wild Charge
Togekiss Charm + Dazzling Gleam
Yanmega Bug Bite + Bug Buzz
Leafeon Razor Leaf or Quick Attack + Leaf Blade
Glaceon Frost Breath + Avalanche
Mamoswine Powder Snow + Avalanche
Porygon Z Lock-On + Tri-Attack*
Gallade Confusion + Synchronoise
Probopass Spark + Thunderbolt
Froslass Powder Snow + Avalanche or Shadow Ball
Rotom (Wash) Thunder Shock + Thunderbolt
Serperior Vine Whip + Grass Knot
Emboar Low Kick + Focus Blast
Samurott Water Fall + Hydro Pump
Unfezant Air Slash + Sky Attack
Excadrill Mud Slap + Drill Run
Conkeldurr Counter + Dynamic Punch
Darmanitan Fire Fang + Overheat
Galarian Darmanitan Ice Fang + Avalanche
Cofagrigus Astonish + Shadow Ball
Gothitelle Confusion + Psychic
Reuniclus Hidden Power + Shadow Ball
Escavalier Bug Bite + Megahorn
Ferrothorn Bullet Seed + Power Whip
Klinklang Thunder Shock + Zap Cannon
Chandelure Fire Spin + Overheat
Hex + Shadow Ball
Haxorus Dragon Tail + Dragon Claw
Beartic Powder Snow + Ice Punch
Golurk Mud Slap + Earth Power
Bisharp Snarl + Dark Pulse
Druddigon Dragon Tail + Dragon Claw
Braviary Air Slash + Brave Bird
Mandibuzz Snarl + Foul Play
Hydreigon Bite + Dark Pulse
Dragon Breath + Dragon Pulse
Chesnaught Vine Whip + Solar Beam
Delphox Fire Spin + Flamethrower
Zen Headbutt + Psychic
Greninja Bubble + Surf
Talonflame Fire Spin or Peck + Fire Blast or Brave Bird
Pyroar Fire Fang + Overheat
Florges Vine Whip + Moonblast
Pangoro Low Kick + Close Combat
Snarl + Night Slash
Meowstic (Female) Confusion + Shadow Ball
Meowstic (Male) Confusion + Psychic
Clawitzer Water Gun + Crabhammer
Malamar Psycho Cut + Foul Play
Sylveon Charm + Dazzling Gleam or Psyshock*
Trevenant Shadow Claw + Shadow Ball
Gourgeist Hex + Shadow Ball
Avalugg Ice Fang + Avalanche
Noivern Air Slash + Hurricane or Psychic
Goodra Dragon Breath + Draco Meteor
Decidueye Razor Leaf + Energy Ball
Incineroar Snarl + Dark Pulse
Fire Fang + Fire Blast
Primarina Waterfall + Hydro Pump
Charm + Moonblast
Lycanroc (Midday) Rock Throw + Stone Edge
Lycanroc (Midnight) Rock Throw + Stone Edge
Salazzle Poison Jab + Sludge Wave
Kommo-o Dragon Tail + Dragon Claw
Obstagoon Lick + Night Slash
Perrserker Metal Claw + Iron Head
Sirfetch'd Counter + Close Combat
Mr. Rime Confusion + Psychic
Ice Shard + Ice Punch

Legacy Moves are indicated with an asterisk.

Shadow Pokémon

Pokemon Go Team Go RocketSource: Niantic

With the rebalance of Shadow Pokémon and the addition of events where you can change Frustration for another Charged attack, there are Shadow Pokémon that you will want in your roster too. You can only change a Shadow Pokémon's Charged attack during specific events, but once it knows a normal attack, you can change it again and again. Here are the Shadow Pokémon worth keeping and investing in:

Pokémon Attack
Shadow Venusaur Vine Whip + Frenzy Plant
Shadow Charizard Fire Spin + Blast Burn
Shadow Blastoise Water Gun + Hydro Cannon
Shadow Alakazam Confusion + Psychic
Shadow Machamp Counter + Dynamic Punch
Shadow Victreebel Razor Leaf + Leaf Blade
Acid + Sludge Bomb
Shadow Exeggutor Confusion + Psychic
Bullet Seed + Solar Beam
Shadow Alolan Exeggutor Bullet Seed + Solar Beam
Shadow Pinsir Bug Bit + X-Scissor
Shadow Gyarados Waterfall + Hydro Pump
Shadow Omastar Rock Throw + Rock Slide
Shadow Aerodactyl Rock Throw + Rock Slide
Shadow Articuno Frost Breath + Ice Beam or Blizzard
Shadow Zapdos Thunder Shock + Thunderbolt
Shadow Moltres Fire Spin + Overheat
Wing Attack + Sky Attack
Shadow Dragonite Dragon Tail + Outrage
Shadow Mewtwo Confusion + Psystrike or Shadow Ball
Shadow Scizor Fury Cutter + X-Scissor
Bullet Punch + Iron Head
Shadow Houndoom Snarl + Foul Play
Shadow Raikou Thunder Shock + Wild Charge
Shadow Entei Fire Fang + Overheat
Shadow Suicune Snarl + Hydro Pump
Shadow Tyranitar Smack Down + Stone Edge
Bite + Crunch
Shadow Lugia Extrasensory + Aeroblast
Apex Shadow Lugia Extrasensory + Aeroblast+
Shaodw Ho-Oh Incinerate + Sacred Fire
Apex Shadow Ho-Oh Incinerate + Sacred Fire+
Shadow Swampert Water Gun + Hydro Cannon
Mud Shot + Earthquake
Shadow Shiftry Razor Leaf + Leaf Blade
Shadow Gardevoir Charm + Dazzling Gleam
Shadow Hariyama Counter + Dynamic Punch
Shadow Aggron Iron Tail + Heavy Slam
Shadow Banette Shadow Claw + Shadow Ball
Shadow Absol Snarl + Dark Pulse
Shadow Salamence Dragon Tail + Outrage
Shadow Metagross Bullet Punch + Meteor Mash
Shadow Latias Dragon Breath + Outrage
Zen Headbutt + Psychic
Shadow Torterra Razor Leaf + Frenzy Plant
Shadow Staraptor Wing Attack + Brave Bird
Shadow Honchkrow Peck + Sky Attack
Shadow Weavile Ice Shard + Avalanche
Snarl + Foul Play
Shadow Magnezone Spark + Wild Charge
Shadow Tangrowth Vine Whip + Power Whip
Shadow Electivire Thunder Shock + Wild Charge
Shadow Mamoswine Powder Snow + Avalanche
Shadow Porygon-Z Lock-On + Tri-Attack
Shadow Gallade Confusion + Psychic

Note: While most Shadow Pokémon have the same ideal movesets as their normal counterparts, Shadow Mewtwo is in a class unto itself. It is by far the strongest Pokémon in the game. As such, many of its Charged attacks are well worth having. Shadow Ball is exceptionally useful against other Psychic types. Psystrike makes it the most powerful Psychic-type attacker. Even some of its other attacks, like Ice Beam, Flamethrower, and Thunderbolt are very useful in particular Raids and PVP fights. Focus Blast and Hyper Beam are the only Charged attacks without good uses.

What if you don't have the best movesets in Pokémon Go?

Pokemon Go How To Use TmsSource: iMore/Rene Ritchie

Since the introduction of the Raid Battle system in June 2017, you can get Technical Machines to change your movesets. Two of the possible rewards for beating Raid Bosses are Quick TM and Fast TM, which can be used to change Quick Moves and Charge Moves respectively. Regular TMs are completely random and cannot access Legacy Moves.

Legacy Moves are special moves that were once available for a Pokémon but are no longer. Sometimes they were removed when Niantic re-balanced the game. Some were only available on Community Day or in special Raids. Either way, if a Legacy Move happens to be the best possible move for a Pokémon and you don't have it, you cannot get it with a normal TM. Before you use a TM on any Pokémon, you should always check to see if the move you're changing is a Legacy Move and if that move is worth having. A lot of Legacy Moves don't perform well, but some of them are the best moves in the game.

More recently, Niantic introduced Elite TMs. These TMs are rare, and often difficult to get or expensive, but allow you to choose from any move a Pokémon can have, including Legacy Moves. They aren't random either. You get to choose the move. Because of how hard it is to get Elite TMs, you'll want to save them for your very best Pokémon, but hey, now you can have a Mewtwo with Shadow Ball and Psystrike!

How do you change movesets in Pokémon Go? With Technical Machines (TM)!

What about Types in Pokémon Go?

It's also important to keep in mind types! While some Pokémon only have one type, most have two and all Pokémon can learn moves from multiple types. Although most Pokémon have a single moveset that is the best for their whole species, there are some Pokémon who have multiple sets. Take Chandelure, for example; Chandelure is a Fire and Ghost type and can be one of the best of either. If you're using your Chandelure as a Fire type, you'll want it to know Fire Spin and Overheat, but if you're going for Ghost type, you'll want Hex and Shadow Ball.

What about secondary Charge Moves in Pokémon Go?

With PvP Trainer Battles, Niantic also introduced secondary Charge Moves. You can buy them with Stardust and Candy, and TM them to whatever it is you need. So, what do you need? Typically, variety. If the best Charge Move is a full bar, get a secondary that's multi-bar. If there are two possible types for the Charged move, get both. For example, a Mewtwo with Shadow Ball or Psystrike is incredible, but one with both? Gamebreaker! However, adding a second Charge Move is expensive (up to 100K Stardust on the Legendaries) so make sure there is a good secondary move before spending on this upgrade.

Your best movesets in Pokémon Go?

These are the best Pokémon Go movesets I've seen for the toughest Pokémon and best counters currently in the game. If you have a favorite that didn't make the list, let us know in the comments. And be sure to check out our Best Portable Battery Packs so your phone never runs out of juice on the way to becoming a Pokémon Master!

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