Best Puzzle Games for Mac

This collection of Mac games with a stealth focus will require you to watch, and wait, and watch, and wait ... then jump into action at the perfect moment.

1. Mark of the Ninja

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This 2D stealth platform game encourages you to play the waiting game; whether you're huddling in an air vent, ducking around a light fixture, or crawling across dimly lit rooftops, you'll have to be quite a patient ninja in order to achieve a perfect score.

2. This War of Mine

This War of Mine has stealth segments, to be sure, but it's less reliant upon time-management and more reliant upon a strong psyche. The game follows a group of war refugees who must carefully manage resources and choose whether to steal from other surrounding survivors in order to benefit themselves.

3. Sir, You Are Being Hunted

This game's alternate title — Madam, You Are Being Hunted — applies when I play. You can play as either male or female in this game about escaping evil robots who happen to be clad in Victorian garb; you'll have to employ both stealth and smarts to keep from becoming a predator's prey.

4. Gunpoint

Gunpoint mixes stealth, puzzle-solving and strategy; you'll rewire a building using your super-spy tools, tricking whoever is unlucky enough to be on the other side of your machinations.

5. Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine

This multiplayer stealth game allows you to coordinate with your friends (or with strangers) to perform an elaborate heist. Getting along with your cohorts, plus doing a little advanced planning, might be necessary in order to fully complete some of these difficult levels. Find some friends who're willing to go to bat for you, spy-wise, before you log in and give this one a go.

Your favorites?

Which stealth-centric games have given you pause lately? Tell me about your hide-and-spy adventures.

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