Best Racing Games for Mac

When the weather's too gray to go for a drive, kick it in this collection of recent racing Mac games featuring slick rides and unusual twists and turns.

1. Spectra

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This twitch racer showcases one of Chipzel's latest albums, allowing the player to experience each of the chiptune tracks on offer by way of luminescent neon fast-paced levels. It's not as complex as Audiosurf, but it has the same joyful spirit and unstoppable vibe.

2. Coffin Dodgers

As far as Mario Kart-inspired games go, Coffin Dodgers has got to be one of the more original takes on the concept. If you've played Mario Kart, then you already know the mechanics in play, but the conceit — elderly folks race on customizable scooters in order to evade the Grim Reaper — is adorable enough to help the game stand out from the crowd.

3. Car Mechanic Simulator 2015

If your favorite aspect of racing games is leveling up cars, looking at cars, fixing cars, and thinking about cars ... then this is the "racing" game for you. Car Mechanic Simulator does exactly what it says on the tin; you'll finally be able to focus on fine-tuning as many vehicles as you want, or at least as many as you can afford. DLC purchases abound, but at least you'll be getting a bang for your buck if this type of game scratches your car collector itch.

4. Crash Drive 2

Multiplayer racers that encourage players to ram cars and destroy monster trucks abound, but Crash Drive 2 is one of the few that nails the mechanics without mucking up the carefree simplicity of the demolition derby premise. You can find the game for free on iOS and in browsers, but the $5 Steam version includes an extra copy for a friend, so why not kick the developers some cash?

5. Audiosurf 2

I've saved the best for last: Audiosurf 2 is the priciest racer on this list, and with good reason. This rhythm game allows you to import your own music library, after which it will build a racing-themed rhythm track based on your songs' climaxes and cool-downs. New to Audiosurf 2 is a "surfing" mode that allows players to intentionally distort bits and pieces of songs as they play.

Your favorites?

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