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The Fitbit Charge 4 is an awesome fitness tracker. It features Fitbit's Active Zone Minutes, which give your wrist a buzz when you reach your target heart rate zones, a built-in GPS, seven days of battery life, and top-notch activity and sleep tracking. Plus, you don't have to stick with the band it comes with. These are the best replacement bands for Fitbit Charge 4.

Meliya Silicone Bands Reco

Classic: Meliya Silicone Bands

Staff Pick

These silicone bands are easy to remove and install — no tools required. You get three when you purchase the set, and there are several different color combos to choose from. They're made of flexible, high-quality elastomer. They're water and sweat-resistant, so you can wear them during your toughest workouts. Plus, they're lightweight, durable, and comfy.

$9 at Amazon
Nanw Leather Band Reco

Slim and elegant: NANW Leather Bands

These sleek bands by NANW are made of genuine leather, making them soft and comfortable. This band comes in eight different colors to suit your style, and it's fully adjustable for a customized fit. They're durable and feature a slim, elegant, unisex design.

$12 at Amazon
Witzon Woven Bands Reco

Wolven fabric: Witzon Woven Bands

You get two bands when you purchase this set by Witzon. They're made of ultra-soft woven fabric, making them durable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. They come in 10 different color and pattern combinations, so you can really rock your style. They offer two sizes (small and large) to ensure the perfect fit.

$14 at Amazon
Marval Power Bands Reco

Fashion forward: Marval Power Fashion Bands

These fashion-forward bands are made of soft genuine leather. They feature a steampunk design and come in 10 different color options. They're really cool and will certainly attract attention, so be prepared for compliments. They're adjustable and have a four snap closure for a customized fit.

$19 at Amazon
Wepro Bands Reco

Sporty: Wepro Bands

Dress your Fitbit Charge 4 up with one of the 16 color options you get to choose from with these sporty bands by Wepro. They're made of a flexible, elastomer material, and are 100% waterproof. They're soft and comfortable to wear; plus, the holes in the band design offer optimal breathability. They feature a stainless steel buckle and come in two sizes (small and large) for a custom fit.

From $6 at Amazon
Shangpule Metal Bands Reco

Give me metal: Shangpule Metal Bands

These cool metal bands by Shangpule come in nine different color options. They're compatible with the Fitbit Charge 3 and 4, and crafted in premium stainless steel. They provide a sleek aesthetic, are comfortable, and durable. They feature a clasp closure for a custom fit.

$16 at Amazon
Limpque Metal Bands

Be magnetic: Limpque Metal Bands

This metal band features a strong magnetic clasp for quick changes and adjustments. It comes in nine different color options, but we're living for this cool oil slick color (pictured). The mesh design is breathable and comfortable to wear, so you can rock it all day long.

$11 at Amazon
Aottom Bands Reco

Leather on fabric: Aottom Bands

These soft and comfortable bands by Aottom are made of skin-friendly canvas fabric and premium leather. They're unique and attractive. They feature handcrafted stitching, a stainless steel buckle, and come in three different color combos.

$10 at Amazon
Joyozy Bling Bands Reco

Bling bling: Joyozy Bling Bands

It's all about the bling with these sparkly bands by Joyozy. You've got seven color options to choose from, and each band is outfitted with lots of sparkly rhinestones to give you that bling appeal. They feature a slim, elegant design, and are easily adjustable for a personalized fit.

$16 at Amazon
Maledan Printed Bands Reco

Best patterns: Maledan Printed Bands

These printed bands come in 14 unique and different patterns. They're made of high-quality TPU material and are durable, soft, sweatproof, and comfortable. They feature advanced water transfer printing technology to ensure the printed pattern will hold its color and never fade.

$6 at Amazon
Voma Leather Band Reco

Classy and understated: VOMA Leather Bands

These bands by VOMA are made of premium leather and come in five different colors. They're made of 100% genuine calf leather, making them very comfortable. They feature easy installation and a classy, understated design.

$10 at Amazon
Yonworth Nylon bands

Uniquely you: Yonworth Nylon Bands

This band by Yonworth comes in seven different, colorful patterns. It's made of elastic, so it's super stretchy for a scrunchie-like fit. It's effortless to take on and off, and you can adjust it to fit your wrist. The elastic is skin-friendly and is made of 100% elastic woven polyester. It's stylish and unique, so you can make your Fitbit Charge 4 uniquely your own.

$11 at Amazon

Rock your style

The Fitbit Charge 4 is one of our favorite activity trackers. It features premium health, fitness, and sleep tracking, as well as a built-in GPS and Active Zone Minutes. A great way to personalize your Fitbit Charge 4 is with one of the best replacement bands. Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to just one, and you might want to pick up a handy travel case for all of them.

We love the classic silicone look, so you can't go wrong with the Meliya Silicone Bands (3-pack). These bands are great for working out as the silicone is water and sweat-resistant. Plus, you have lots of color combinations to choose from.

If you're looking for something unique and fashion-forward, check out the Marval Power Fashion Bands. They feature a steampunk design that is both eye-catching and cool. If you want a metal band, check out the Limpque Metal Bands. They come in nine different colors, one of which is a unique rainbow, oil slick color.

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