With so many options out there, it can be hard to choose the best service for creating your wedding invitations. It's an important decision, as those invitations send your guests a message about who you are and what sort of wedding they can expect. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as the designs, ease of use, and cost. Additionally, many couples are looking for greener options as they wish to minimize their carbon footprint.

The prices mentioned below will include the invitations themselves, not any additional enclosures you may wish to have. All of these services do offer them, but more and more wedding couples are choosing to do away with a lot of that paper. RSVPs, additional party invites such as for a rehearsal dinner, and information such as accommodations can often be handled digitally.

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Sincerely Ink sends your invites for you

I've used Sincerely Ink to send cards for years, and they do offer several wedding-themed cards. What I love about Sincerely Ink is that you choose your template and color scheme, fill it in, and then choose your recipients from your iPhone's contacts. No addressing, stuffing, sealing, stamping, and mailing: the app does it all for you. It's ridiculously quick and easy; you could choose, design, and mail out all of your invitations in minutes from your iPhone. The price per invitation for their best quality paper is a hefty $4, but keep in mind that does include postage as well as all of the labor. Keep an eye out for sales and promo codes; you can usually buy credits in bulk at a discount.

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Appy Couple matches your invitations to your website

If you want both your digital and paper communications to match exactly, check out Appy Couple. It is a wedding planning website and app with a large variety of beautiful invitations that would coordinate with your personalized wedding site. Your wedding website allows you to track RSVPs and impart information to your guests. It's not a free service — there are tiered price plans starting at $49. If you're using Appy Couple to organize your wedding, it's worthwhile to check out their invitations too. The designs are created by their partners such as Katie Fischer Design, Citrus Press, Real Simple, Ceci New York, and many others.

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Go green with plantable invites from Forever Fiances

Of course, the greenest option would be not to send out paper invites at all, but rather just send out all of your invitations digitally with a service like Evite. But if you want to send out formal, paper invitations, you still have some greener options. Forever Fiances prints on recycled paper, plus you can choose seeded paper. That's right, your guests can literally plant your invitation when your wedding is over, and grow beautiful wildflowers. Prices start at $1.29 - $4.44 a piece depending on how many you're ordering.

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Vistaprint is a budget option

I've used Vistaprint a number of times to print invitations to other events. It's not the most luxe option, but the prices are reasonable and I've always been happy with their service. You can design your invitations yourself starting with their templates, or upload your own logo or design if you wish. It's easy to do and an inexpensive way to get your paper invitations printed. Prices start at less than a dollar apiece depending on the quantity you're buying.

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Wedding Chicks lets you print your own

If you're a DIY bride or groom but you don't want to design your wedding invitations completely from scratch, Wedding Chicks will give you a head start. They offer free printable wedding invitation suites. Choose from dozens of templates and fill in your names and other important information. Buy any paper of your choice at your favorite craft store or website, and print as many invitations as you need.

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How are you doing your wedding invitations? Have you found any great online services or apps to help? Share your ideas with us in the comments.



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