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With so many options out there, it can be hard to choose the best service for creating your wedding invitations. It's an important decision, as those invitations send your guests a message about who you are and what sort of wedding they can expect. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as the designs, ease of use, and cost. Additionally, many couples are looking for greener options as they wish to minimize their carbon footprint.

The prices mentioned below are for 100 invitations will include the invitations themselves and envelopes, not any additional enclosures you may wish to have. Most of these services do offer them, but more and more wedding couples are choosing to do away with a lot of that paper. RSVPs, additional party invites such as for a rehearsal dinner, and information such as accommodations can often be handled digitally.

I like The Knot for just about everything wedding, and I've been using the service for years as I've been planning my daughter's wedding. I didn't order her original wedding invitations at The Knot, but if I had, I would have been able to get them reprinted for free when her wedding was postponed due to the pandemic.

Best Overall: The Knot

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I've been using The Knot to plan my daughter's wedding. The Knot gives you a free wedding website and planning tools to handle every last wedding detail. Dream up your wedding vision and make it come to life. Create a custom wedding website. Make a wedding checklist. Find and book vendors. Put together a gift registry. Upload your guest list and you can keep in touch with your guests digitally with a few taps. There is no cost to use The Knot's website and the app is free as well. If you do want to order wedding invitations from The Knot, it's easy to do, there are tons of choices, and prices are competitive. You can order invitations that match your wedding website if you like. The Knot will address your invitations for you if you wish. Should your wedding plans change, there is no cost to reprint the invitations.


  • Plan your whole wedding with The Knot
  • Hundreds of options
  • Can match your invitations to your wedding website
  • Will address your envelopes if you wish
  • No cost to reprint invitations if plans change


  • Not the cheapest option

Best Overall

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The Knot

The whole package

The Knot helps you plan your entire wedding, including invitations. Let The Knot help you create a personalized wedding website; if you wish you can send paper invitations that match. The Knot can address the envelopes for you. If your wedding plans change, you can get reprints at no extra charge.

All-Around Package: Zola

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Zola is another great all-around wedding planning service like The Knot. You can use Zola to plan your wedding from the start with its full suite of free tools: wedding checklist, vendors, guest list, RSVP tracking, registry, advice, and more. Choose from hundreds of designs or upload your own. Request a free sample pack to see some of your options. Envelopes and guest addressing are included in the price.


  • Complete set of wedding planning tools
  • Hundreds of invitation choices or upload your own design
  • Addressed envelopes included in price


  • Not the cheapest option

All-Around Package

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Complete suite

Plan your whole wedding using Zola's free tools. Order your invitations from Zola and let them do the guest addressing on the envelopes for you.

Easiest: Ink Cards

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I've used Ink Cards to send cards for years, and they do offer several wedding-themed cards. You can make simple wedding invitations, Save the Date cards, engagement/wedding announcements, thank you notes, and more. What I love about Sincerely Ink is that you choose your template and color scheme, fill it in, and then choose your recipients from your iPhone's contacts. No addressing, stuffing, sealing, stamping, and mailing: the app does it all for you. It's ridiculously quick and easy; you could choose, design, and mail out all of your invitations in minutes from your iPhone. The price per invitation for their best quality paper is a hefty $4, but keep in mind that does include postage as well as all of the labor. Keep an eye out for sales and promo codes; you can usually buy credits in bulk at a discount.


  • So easy
  • Upload addresses from your phone
  • Invitations get sent directly to recipients


  • Very limited selection
  • No complex wedding suites
  • Pricey


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Ink Cards

App makes it easy

Ink Cards: Send Custom Cards is an app by Sincerely Inc that does all the work for you. Choose your invitation style, upload contacts from your phone, and Ink Cards takes care of sending the invitations out for you.

Greenest: Forever Fiancés

Forever Fiancés wedding invitationsSource: Forever Fiancés

Of course, the greenest option would be not to send out paper invites at all, but rather just send out all of your invitations digitally with a service like Evite. But if you want to send out formal, paper invitations, you still have some greener options. Forever Fiancés prints on recycled paper, plus you can choose seeded paper. That's right, your guests can literally plant your invitation when your wedding is over, and grow beautiful wildflowers that will remind them of your special day long after it's over. For an extra fee, you can have your envelopes addressed for you.


  • Greener option with recycled and plantable paper with wildflower seeds embedded within
  • Hundreds of styles
  • Envelope addressing an option


  • Not the cheapest option


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Forever Fiancés

Pretty flowers

Your guests will remember your special day fondly as they gaze upon the wildflowers growing from your plantable invitation. Choose from hundreds of invitation styles and have the envelopes addressed if you want.

Best Value: Vistaprint

Vistaprint Wedding Invitations LifestyleSource: Karen S. Freeman / iMore

I ordered my daughter's wedding invitations from Vistaprint, as seen in the photo above. It's not the fanciest option, but my daughter and her fiancé have simple tastes. Vistaprint's prices are so reasonable and you can frequently find coupon codes. I've always been happy with their service, having ordered from Vistaprint many times in the past for other occasions. You can design your invitations yourself starting with their many templates, or upload your own design if you prefer. It's easy to do and an inexpensive way to get your paper invitations printed. Choose from six different papers ranging from basic to more luxurious.


  • Inexpensive option
  • Frequent sales and coupon codes available
  • Plenty of design choices
  • Can upload your own design


  • Not as luxe as some
  • Envelopes are not included (but are not expensive)

Best Value

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Vistaprint Wedding Invitations


For the wedding couple on a budget, Vistaprint is tough to beat. While you're not going to get engraved invitations here, you can choose from six different papers and plenty of designs (or upload your own.)

Best for DIY: Etsy

Wedding Invitation Template Etsy Beautycards LifestyleSource: Beautycards at Etsy

If you have the time, the skill set, and the equipment, you can make your own wedding invitations. You can create your own template or you can easily buy one from Etsy, such as the one seen in this photo. For the more complex designs, you'll need a cutting machine such as a Cricut to cut out the invitations. For simpler designs, your regular printer and a basic paper trimmer will do the trick.


  • Save money
  • Create something truly unique
  • Satisfaction in creating something yourself


  • Time-consuming

Best for DIY

Wedding Invitation Template Etsy Beautycards Render Cropped

Invitation template from Etsy

Make your own

If you have the time, the equipment, and you're a bit crafty, you can buy a template on Etsy and create your own wedding invitation suite for much less.

Bottom line

Which invitation service you choose really depends on your wedding budget, how much time you wish to spend making your invitations, and how fancy you want your wedding invitations to be. I'd recommend The Knot, because you get a full suite of wedding tools for free including a personalized wedding website. It's just easy to do everything all in one place. You get plenty of choices for your invitation design, including the option to match your wedding website. If you have to postpone your wedding, The Knot will reprint them for free.

When the wedding day is done, don't forget to make a fabulous wedding album! Your parents and grandparents would probably appreciate a wonderful photo book to commemorate your big day too.

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