Cyber Monday

The weekend following the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday is the biggest shopping weekend of the year. It's when businesses usually finally make a profit for the year. It's called "going into the black," which is why the Friday following Thanksgiving in the U.S. is called Black Friday. A few years ago, a new shopping phenomenon was created: Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Frenzy On Cyber Monday, retail shops offer deep discounts on items that can only be purchased online (though the rules have been lax on that). We've got a list of the best iPhone apps for finding and tracking those Cyber Monday discounts that will keep you up past midnight and making purchases as fast as you fingers can tap the "Buy" button.

Cyber Monday 2016 Deals with Cybermonday Shopping

Cyber Monday Deals 2016Cyber Monday Deals 2016Cyber Monday Deals 2016

BuyVia always puts out fantastic shopping apps to help save you money, updated for each new event, and Cyber Monday is one of them. The app generates a list of all deals taking place on the web. Your preferences are stored in the app and new content is generated for you based on what you love. You'll find the lowest prices on Cyber Monday deals, and you'll receive alerts, just in case you miss anything.



Slickdeals is like being tied into a group of shoppers that always find the best prices on things. People find great deals and post them to the Slickdeals site so everyone can get the discount. The Popular Deals section is where you'll find the hottest discounts for the Cyber Monday craze. Keep checking back for new additions throughout the weekend.



DealNews is bursting with data on where to find amazing deals across the internet. Every day, new sales are added to the list, so you're always up to date. You can sign up to get alerts when specific items you want go on sale, and if you sign up with DealNews, you can access your deals list from any device, so you can save your purchases for when you get home.

Saviry by 1Sale


The deepest discounts are the ones that are only available for a limited amount of time. Saviry gathers up all of the biggest discounts in one place. Sales are labeled by date, but future discounts are not included. So make sure you check back on Cyber Monday to see what kinds of discounts you can find.



Ebates is not a sale-finding app, but it is a tool that will help you save money over the holiday shopping season. Every time you purchase something online from a participating retailer, you'll get a rebate. So, if you use Ebates as a gateway to all of your Cyber Monday shopping, you'll see big returns on your purchases a few months from now (the perfect time to pay off that credit card debt). Plus, the app includes information about current and upcoming sales from retailers, so you'll get the biggest discounts while getting a return on your spending.



Of course, Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, so it's the most obvious place to do your shopping this Cyber Monday. The company always has massive discounts throughout the day on Cyber Monday, usually every hour (sometimes more often). Discounts are limited in quantity, so you have to stay on top of the sales so you don't miss out on something you want because it sold out.



Groupon is a discount website where you can get huge savings on things to do in your neighborhood. It also features deep discounts on online purchases for things such as Bluetooth speakers and drones. This Cyber Monday, you'll have the chance to make purchases on items you never thought you could afford before, including Mac laptops and iPhones. Don't forget to check out the "Things To Do" tab to find discounts on events your family and friends might love as a gift, like Falconry training or boxing classes.



eBay is the other largest shopping website in the world, only it isn't based on a single retailer. Instead, the world sells its wares individually. It's sort of like a huge, international garage sale or swap meet where you can buy and sell new and used goods at low prices. On Cyber Monday, keep an eye out for discounts of up to 90% off (that's right, 90). Keep an eye on where items are shipping from. If it is out of the country, you may have trouble getting your gift in time for Christmas.

Your favorites?

What are your go-to apps for getting the best deals on Cyber Monday? Let us know in the comments so we can get in on those deals too!