Best Silicone Bands for Fitbit Alta HR iMore 2019

When fitness trackers first hit the market, they were honestly a little bland. Most of them came with black bands, and there weren't a whole lot of ways you could customize them or jazz them up. Thankfully, we live in a world where Amazon exists, which has quite literally opened up a whole new world of options for customizing your gear. The Fitbit Alta HR is a great fitness tracker, and if you got one over the holidays, you might be looking for a way to customize it a little. We've got you covered.

Comfortable and Breathable: Hanlesi Breathable Silicone Bands for Fitbit Alta HR

Our Favorite

The tri-hole band design is one of my personal favorites, and the perforated design reminds me of the popular Nike bands for the Apple Watch.

$8 at Amazon

Best bling: EPYSN Rhinestone Silicone Band for Fitbit Alta HR

Sometimes you just need a little bling, and that can be hard to come by with a silicone band. If you like shiny things, be sure to give this band a look.

$13 at Amazon

Shiny silicone: Welltin Fitbit Alta Bands

SO SHINY. These bands have a cool textured pattern and are available in four-packs with fun colors like champagne and rose gold.

$2 - $10 at Amazon

For the colorful: AK Fitbit Alta Bands

Why be content with just one color band? This 10-pack has enough color combinations for you to really stand out at the gym or on a night out.

$14 - $15 at Amazon

For the fashion forward: Baaletc Silicone Rubber Band for Fitbit Alta

These fashion-forward bands come in some really cool designs and are available as singles or in multi-packs, so you've got plenty of options.

$6 - $13 at Amazon

Sporty silicone straps

Customizing my gear is one of my favorite things to do because it makes it so much more personal. Instead of being simply a gadget, it becomes a part of my everyday life which is exactly how technology is supposed to work. I'm a huge fan of the Nike Apple Watch bands, so my favorite on this list is the Hanlesi band.

If you're more of a fashionista, you may prefer to have more color options. In that case, I suggest you go with the AK Fitbit Alta Bands which come in colored multi-packs, or the Baaletc Silicone Bands that you can get in multi-packs or as cute singles like one with puppy paw prints. You'll be certain to turn a few heads regardless of which of these silicone bands you choose for your Fitbit Alta HR!

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