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If today is the day you're going to head down the path of healthy living, one of the best ways to help you stay on that path is with fitness tech gadgets — partly because they make tracking fitness goals easier and partly because they cost so much money you feel obligated to make the most of your purchase (ask my mom, it worked for her).

The iMore staff have some personal favorites, but there are a lot of options out there. If you're looking for the perfect fitness tech, this is where you want to get started.



Smartwatches can be the most useful fitness tech gadget because they offer much more than just fitness features. Whether you're connected to your important notifications, turning the lights off at home, or remembering to stand up and breath every hour, a smartwatch will give you plenty of fitness options, plus all the rest.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is bursting at the seams with fitness tech. Not only can it track your heart rate and movement, but thanks to Apple's regular updates to watchOS, we're seeing things like glucose tracking and Gym Connect, which allows you to connect your Apple Watch with supported gym equipment like treadmills and ellipticals.

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Android Wear

Apple Watch isn't alone in its desire to be both a smartwatch and a fitness device, there are plenty of Android Wear smartwatches that provide excellent fitness features, like the LG Watch Sport. Though there is an Android Wear app for iOS, remember that Android Wear smartwatches are somewhat limited on iPhones.

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Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit is the most popular fitness tracker maker in the industry, but did you know they also make a smartwatch? Well, in its infancy, the Ionic is not quite as smart as one might hope for, but it's got a great battery life and exclusive workout routines that you can deliver right to your wrist. Just keep in mind that the Ionic is still very new and not quite polished.

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Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers

Of course, if you're not sure you want to go all-in with a wearable that stays on your wrist all day, you can opt for something you can mainly use while workout out. Fitness trackers offer plenty of dedicated features to help you get in shape and stay that way with the benefit of usually being much less expensive than a full smartwatch.

Don't know if you should get a smartwatch or a fitness tracker?

There are dozens of smart trackers on the market, each with different features to fit your lifestyle. Maybe you just want to keep track of your step count or maybe you want to train for a marathon. Whichever your goal, there's a fitness tracker for you.

The best fitness trackers in 2018

Of course, Fitbit is the most popular company for fitness trackers. They've got multiple types of fitness trackers in their lineup. If you know that Fitbit is your brand, these are the best of their models.

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Don't let price scare you off of getting a great fitness tracker. You can find gadgets that fit your needs and your pocketbook without compromising quality.

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Smart accessories

Smart accessories

In addition to new smart gadgets, like a smartwatch or fitness trackers, you can up your healthy lifestyle game by getting the perfect workout accessories for your iPhone. We're talking about running belts, armbands, headphones, and more. You don't have to get a new gadget to get the perfect accessory for the gadget you already own.

Smart scales

Smart scales

If you're tracking more than just your fitness goals — if you're trying to lose or gain weight — you can connect a smart scale to your iPhone or smartwatch and the information will sync with your device. Information is tracked and most scale makers will provide useful apps that show you graphs and charts of your daily weight changes. You can also track your body mass index with most of these scales, which uses your weight and height to determine a percentage based on averages. You could just weigh yourself on your dumb scale and manually input the numbers to your iPhone ... like an animal, but with a smart scale, all of your weight goals are nicely synced and tracked for you.

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Fitness apps

Fitness apps

The simplest way to get started with a better lifestyle is with an app. You don't need any extra tech gadgets and many of them offer a lot of free features, with extra goodies offered for a price. If you're a daily runner, prefer weight training, or just need a yoga instructor that you don't have to visit in person, there's an app for you.

Best fitness apps

For some, a healthy lifestyle covers much more than just workout apps or training videos. For some, a healthy lifestyle means relaxing, sleeping well, eating right, and keeping your brain healthy.

Best apps for a healthy lifestyle

Your favorite fitness tech?

How do you lose weight? Do you have any favorite tech gadgets to help you meet your goals?

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