Best travel cases for Fitbit Charge 3 iMore 2019

If you love your Fitbit Charge 3, you'll want to have it with you wherever you go, and if you travel a lot, that means bringing not only the Fitbit itself but also its charger and any additional bands that you might want to use. To do this, you'll want a travel case to keep your Fitbit and all of its accessories safe and together.

Carry anything: AmazonBasics Travel Case

Despite its name, this traveling case isn't exactly barebones. Small enough to fit in your luggage, but big enough to carry not only your Fitbit and its charger, but also your phone, earbuds, and more, with stretchy pockets to fit a variety of accessories and necessities. The molded plastic shell keeps everything safe for those long journeys.

$8 at Amazon

Under wraps: EnvyDeal Fitness Tracker Carrying Case

EnvyDeal's felt travel pouch is made for fitness trackers like the Fitbit Charge 3, as well as other small devices. This rollup-style pouch has enough space for your Fitbit, a charging cable, and some earbuds.

$6 at Amazon

Go anywhere: EnvyDeal EVA On-The-Go Storage Zip Case

This EVA travel case with a semi-hard outer shell features shock-proof and water-resistant protection for your small gadgets and accessories, keeping everything safe no matter where you take them.

$8 at Amazon

Pockets in and out: Kroo Neoprene On-The-Go Case

Made from Neoprene for durability, this case from Kroo features both internal and external pockets, giving you additional space for headphones, extra charging cables, a second Fitbit, and other accessories.

$12 at Amazon

Space to spare: LoO Company Smart Watch Bands & Accessories Case

As its name implies, this case is meant more for smartwatches, but it will carry your Fitbit just fine, with space to spare. Throw in some extra bands, your charger, and more. Comes in carbon fiber, blue nylon, brown leather, and camo nylon style options.

$35 at Amazon

A travel case is a great accessory to have no matter what small items you need to fit in it. If I were getting a travel case for my Fitbit Charge 3 or other small electronics, I'd go with the AmazonBasics case. It's inexpensive, durable, has a hard shell, and enough space to fit all of the small accessories I could need.

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