Best Workout Bands for Fitbit Alta HR in 2023

So, you've finally resolved to invest in yourself by becoming more active and getting healthier. Kudos to you for planning your meals, getting those workouts in, and for picking up that new fitness tracker to keep you on course. If your tracker of choice is the Fitbit Alta HR, here are a few great workout bands that'll withstand even the most intense exercises and keep you inspired on your fitness journey.

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How do I choose the best band for me?

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Keep in mind, most of these Fitbit Alta HR straps and bands will offer similar functionality during your workouts. They all fall in a pretty budget-friendly price range, so it'll just come down to your personal preference in design and material type. If I had to pick, the Smasy Rainbow Band with its breathable nylon would be my go-to.

My second option would probably be the GHIJKL Braided Band, mainly because of its neatly woven design and its breathability, which I think is something to look for when deciding on a workout band for your fitness tracker.

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