Best Workout Bands for Fitbit Alta HR iMore 2022

So, you've finally resolved to invest in yourself by becoming more active and getting healthier. Kudos to you for planning your meals, getting those workouts in, and for picking up that new fitness tracker to keep you on course. If your tracker of choice is the Fitbit Alta HR, here are a few great workout bands that'll withstand even the most intense exercises and keep you inspired on your fitness journey.

Smasy Rainbow Workout Band.

Hello nylon: Smasy Rainbow Band

Staff Favorite

This Smasy band also seems to have been inspired by one of Apple's current watch bands. These bands are made of nylon and come in four color options, including a stellar rainbow design. The company promises to reduce the "sticky feeling" caused by sweating during workouts and offers an 18-month warranty to sweeten the deal.

From $7 at Amazon
GHIJKL braided band.

Lightweight: GHIJKL Braided Band

GHIJKL currently offers a super sporty braided rope wristband for the Fitbit Alta HR. The intricately woven band boasts ultimate comfort with its soft and lightweight material, while the easy-to-adjust design offers a secure fit. The rope band only comes in one colorway, but it's a unique mixture of black and white that'll complement whatever you pair it with.

$20 at Amazon
Skylet workout bands.

Nike-inspired: Skylet Breathable Silicone Band

If you're loving the Nike Apple Watch bands, but you prefer to rock your Fitbit, then these bands are for you. With these colorful silicone sports bands by Skylet, you'll get the classic Nike band look at a fraction of the price. And thanks to the hole-filled designs, the bands are ultra-breathable and will be great for all your sweaty workout routines.

From $11 at Amazon
Ouwegaga Fitbit bands

Mix and match: Ouwegaga Bands

These Ouwegaga bands are made of high-quality elastomer and are durable, sweat-resistant, and flexible. They're also available in multicolored packs of 12, which gives you the option to mix and match colors to complement your workout gear.

From $5 at Amazon
Honecumi Bands.

Prints and patterns: Honecumi Bands

Keep your fitness tracker as fly as your workout outfits with Honecumi's colorful floral bands. These bands are made from a durable plastic, which makes them perfect for "indoor and outdoor activities, including running, swimming, and other exercises," according to the product's description.

From $6 at Amazon
iGK workout strap for Fitbit.

Perfect replacement: iGK Straps

If you're looking for the classic Fitbit band style without the hefty price tag, then the iGK strap is your best bet for workouts. The bands come in over 20 vibrant colors and are made of high-quality TPU material, which makes them durable, lightweight, and flexible.

From $5 at Amazon

Top picks

Keep in mind, most of these Fitbit Alta HR straps and bands will offer similar functionality during your workouts. They all fall in a pretty budget-friendly price range, so it'll just come down to your personal preference in design and material type. If I had to pick, the Smasy Rainbow Band with its breathable nylon would be my go-to.

My second option would probably be the GHIJKL Braided Band, mainly because of its neatly woven design and its breathability, which I think is something to look for when deciding on a workout band for your fitness tracker.

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