Best Workout Bands for Fitbit Versa 2 iMore 2020

When you think Fitbit, you think fitness, and one of the main things you'll want to do with your Versa 2 is hit the gym, the track, or the field! The Versa 2 comes with a basic silicone strap that will suit you just fine, but you may be in the market for something with a bit more ventilation, comfort, or utility. We've selected our favorite Fitbit Versa 2 workout bands below from the best options on the market. Which one is right for you?

Best breathable band: Fitbit Versa Sport Band

Staff Favorite

These first-party Fitbit bands live up to their higher price with a very comfortable elastomer material that is perforated to allow for greater airflow and cooling. You can choose from five attractive colors, including navy, black, glacier, white, and our favorite, coral.

$30 at Fitbit

Budget breathable band: Hagibis Fitbit Versa Sport Silicone Band

This band from Hagibis gives you the functionality and feel of the Fitbit band for a lower price. Unlike Fitbit's version, you can get this in a two-toned look like the Nike Apple Watch bands. Additionally, for only a few bucks more you can get a set of three!

$6 - $8 at Amazon

Traditional sport band: Kmasic Fitbit Versa Soft Silicone Sportband

The Kmasic bands take the standard bands that come with your Versa 2 to the next level. Available in a wide variety of colors from classic black, cultured burgundy, or cool blue, these bands will seamlessly take you from the gym to the office to home.

$4 - $10 at Amazon

Sporty but not silicone: bayite Sport Loop

Made out of comfy premium nylon, these bands are easily adjustable for a variety of wrist sizes. They're also available in some pretty unique colors like army green, gradient orange, and several versions of rainbow.

$10 at Amazon

Adventure awaits: RECCO Woven Band

RECCO is a company that makes trackers that enable search and rescue teams to locate lost or stranded hikers, skiers, and other adventurers. This band is made out of comfortable woven material and comes with an aluminum buckle or a velcro closure, and is a great option for those truly outdoorsy folks.

$60 at Fitbit

Best for bikers: Fitbit Woven Reflective Band

Made from a recycled fiber called Repreve, this comfortable band is one of the most sustainable you can buy. It comes in three different colorways and features a nifty reflective strip that is perfect for people who bike or jog in low-light conditions.

$40 at Fitbit

Sporting the best band

Workout bands are probably the largest category of bands offered for the Fitbit Versa 2, and for good reason! They provide utility, style, and comfort at a good price. Our top pick for the best Fitbit Versa 2 workout band has to be the Fitbit Versa Sport Band. We like the color options and the perforated band, and we've always been impressed with the quality of Fitbit's first-party accessories.

Some may like the more standard look of the Kmasic Fitbit Versa Soft Silicone Sportband, while others may prefer the comfort and ease of use of the baylite Sport Loop. The more adventurous may even opt for the safety-conscious RECCO Woven Band with its built-in safety tracker. Whichever option you choose, we hope you have a great workout!

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