Can't be bothered to mow the lawn? The My Automower app can help with that!

Sunday is often the day you mow the lawn, with a new app called My Automower it could all become a lot less of a chore. My Automower is an app that allows you to control your lawn mower using your iPhone. The downside however is that you need a specific robotic mower from Husqvarna for this to be of any use. Once you have one of those, this little app is very clever.

Through simple SMS messaging you can send instructions that will give you complete remote access: - You'll be able to display the location of your Husqvarna Automower on Google Maps. - Use shortcuts to send instructions and take control of your Automower. - Tell your machine when to start mowing. - Tell your Automower when stop and return for charging. - Set timers. - Check your Automower status.

Now if only you could get an app to wash the car, clean out the garage and walk the dog; life would be so much better!

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