British Airways will make boarding with your Apple Watch easier with new scanner

British Airways has announced that it will introduce new scanners to accommodate passengers using the airline's Apple Watch app. The airline says that passenger use of its watch app has quadrupled in the past four months, and the new handheld scanners will make it easier for customers to have their wrist-bound boarding passes scanned.

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From British Airways:

Customers will be able to slide their wrists under the new 'Scan and Go' devices to scan their boarding pass, print their own bag tags and speed through the airport. 136 of the new gadgets are being installed at check in desks across Heathrow's Terminal 3 and 5, and will be ready for use on December 15.

Those passengers using the British Airways app on their smartphone will also be able to take advantage of the new scanners. The airline has also announced that it will release a new version of its app for iPads at some point in 2016.

Source: British Airways

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