Bubba Watson blasts his way onto your phone with Bubbamoji!

You're Bubba Watson. You already own two green jackets and are looking for a third this week at The Masters golf tournament. You've got a hovercraft golf cart. Played Bubba Claus. Host Bubba's Bash. Did, uh, this thing. You were just featured on CBS' "60 Minutes.". You're part owner in one of minor-league baseball's top organizations. And you've got more trick shots than one man should be able to pull off.

So what's next?

Bubbamoji, of course.

Professional golf's most polarizing (and entertaining) player now has his own animated stickers and gifs. They run $1.99 on iOS and on Android and feature the likeness of ol' Bubba himself, including audio and video.

What they won't do, however, is help you fix your slice.

Bubbamoji require iOS 8, Android 4.2, and a sense of humor.

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Phil Nickinson

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