BugMe! updated, now universal app for iPhone and iPad

BugMe!, the “Original Sticky Note App,” has received a nice little update and now offers a universal binary for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. In case you are unfamiliar with BugMe!, here is a quick description:

BugMe! for iOS lets users jot quick notes and doodles - with their finger as the pen - just like a digital sticky note. BugMe! also offers keyboard support, allowing users to type longer notes they would otherwise be scribbling with their finger. BugMe!’s notes can be organized for reference, and even shaken into place. Users can set an alarm time on each note and BugMe! will sound the alarm and show a reminder when the task is due. The BugMe! Badges display how many of these notes are now due.

The update is already available in the App Store, free for previous users and only $1.99 for new users. Check out the update and let us know how you like using it on the iPad!

[ iTunes Link (opens in new tab) ]

  • I have used this app since it first came out for windows ce. I loved it on the windows mobile platform. On iOS not so much. I'm glad they made it universal. I hope future updates involve making the handwriting more realistic and fluid.
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