Buy this: Elago R1 Intelli Case for Apple TV remote

If I'm going to complain about how bad the Siri Remote for Apple TV continues to be, I guess I need to put my money where my mouth is. And so I picked up the Intelli Case from Elago. It's a silicone case that your Apple TV remote fits inside of, turning it from a shapeless slab of disappointment into a comfortable (more comfortable, anyway), cushioned REMOTE CONTROL OF POWER.

But more importantly, it turns the remote into something I might actually use, instead of something I immediate shove in a drawer in favor of something far more usable.

There's really not that much more to it here. OK, there's a lanyard. And there's a magnet inside the silicone case that lets you stick the remote to things like the back of a metal TV or your refrigerator or the roof of your car. (I don't actually intend on ever doing any of those things, but now I can. And it's always good to have options.)

Point here is that if Apple refuses to make a good remote control that I actually want to hold, I'm going to take things into my own hands. And at about $10 — and in multiple colors — it's well worth it.

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Phil Nickinson

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