CallLock fixes proximity sensor bug [Jailbreak]

CallLock is a new tweak available for Jailbroken iPhones that does exactly what it says -- it locks your phone once an incomming or an outgoing call is connected. If you are like me and your iPhone 4 is still having proximity sensor issues issues then this will prevent you from ever face dialing, muting and ending calls ever again.

The setup is also simple. Once you have it installed just go into Settings and you will find CallLock. Select it and you have two options: Manually Lock and Automatically Lock. Manual lock allows you to press the lock button to lock your phone without ending the call. Automatic lock will lock your phone once your call is connected, no button press needed.

To download this tweak visit the Cydia store and simply search for CallLock. It is currently available and it is only $0.99.

If you have an iPhone 4 with proximity sensor issues and decide to try CallLock out, leave us a comment let us know how it works for you!