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Best answer: It depends on your device. Some smart home devices support Siri Shortcuts even if they do not work with HomeKit. Others can be added to HomeKit enabling Siri, through firmware updates or with software like Homebridge. Without HomeKit, Shortcuts, or software like Homebridge, though, you won't be able to use Siri with your devices.

Siri without HomeKit: Your smart home device is the key

While HomeKit has certainly come a long way over the years, there are still a ton of devices on the market that don't support Apple's platform. If you are not paying close attention while shopping or impulse buy a device on sale, you may miss out on Siri voice control if it doesn't work with HomeKit.

All hope is not lost, though. You may be able to get your device working with Siri if you don't mind a little work. First, check your device's app to see if there is an update available. Some devices — like the Abode iota Security Kit and the Brilliant Home Control, gained HomeKit support via free firmware updates after release. If your device still doesn't work with HomeKit, you may be able to add Siri through Shortcuts or Homebridge.

Siri without HomeKit: Shortcuts to the rescue

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Siri Shortcuts — the personal automation app built into your iOS devices isn't just for speeding up your workflow. The best Siri shortcut-supported smart home gadgets work outside the Home app, enabling voice controls and opening the doors to device types like coffee makers that fall outside of the world HomeKit.

Check your device's box for any references to Siri or a "Works with Siri" logo. If it does, look in the companion app to see if there is an option to "Add to Shortcuts" or "Add to Siri." This option is usually in menus like device settings, automation, or voice assistant controls.

In most cases, adding your device to Siri will only take a few taps. During the setup process, you will be able to assign a custom phrase for your device, such as Hey Siri — turn on the lights, and once added, you will be able to shout out commands to your iOS devices or HomePod.

Siri with HomeKit: Homebridge and more

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If all else fails — and if you have a little patience, you may be able to get your device to work with HomeKit through software solutions like Homebridge. As the name suggests, Homebridge bridges the gap between your device and HomeKit by acting as a server, allowing it to function through the Home app as an "uncertified accessory."

The best part about Homebridge is that it is completely free — if you want to run it on your own hardware. You can run Homebridge on your Mac or devices like the Raspberry Pi, but to keep everything up and running, your device will need to be always on.

Since this process can be a little complicated, we recommend using a device like the HOOBS Starter Kit — a simple plug and play box that comes with a custom version of Homebride preinstalled. Through HOOBS, you can search for plugins from vendors like Nest, Ring, SmartThings, Wyze, and many more, all installing with just a few clicks and minimal configuration.

For more details on Homebridge or other software alternatives like Home Assistant, check out our guide: How to connect incompatible accessories to HomeKit.

Convenient controls

Homepod Mini White Cropped

HomePod mini - Smart Speaker

Hey Siri — do the thing!

Apple's HomePod mini offers convenient voice controls for hundreds of smart home devices — including some that don't work with HomeKit through Siri Shortcuts.

Plug and play

Hoobs Starter Kit

HOOBS All In One Box

Homebridge for the rest of us

The HOOBS All In One Box allows you to connect many non-HomeKit compatible accessories to your HomeKit home with a simple plug-and-play design and an easy-to-use web interface.

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