Carrot Weather brings its foul-mouthed forecasts to Mac

(Image credit: CarrotWeather)

What you need to know

  • Carrot Weather has introduced a redesigned Mac App.
  • It features everything you know and love, including snarky dialog and customization.
  • Carrot Weather for Mac is available now for $15.

How's your day going, meatbag? It's a lot better now that Carrot Weather has been updated for Mac. The app's developer introduced a major update today that brings a complete redesign, customization, and more.

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Thanks to the launch of macOS Catalina, Carrot Weather has introduced an improved Mac app using macOS Catalina's Catalyst feature. The app brings with it everything you love on Carrot Weather's iOS app, including the familiar UI and snarky forecasts. Plus more secret locations and achievements.

Along with the update for Mac, Carrot Weather said over two thousands new lines of dialog have been added, "each snarkier than the last."

You can purchase Carrot Weather on Mac for $15. Tier 2 and Tier 3 memberships on iOS will carry over to Mac, the app's developer said.

Brandon Russell