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BBC Sports iPhone and iPad app adds Chromecast support and more

The BBC Sports app for the iPhone and iPad has been updated today with a few new features, most notably a way for the app to connect to a Chromecast HDMI dongle for the first time so that live and on-demand video from the app can be streamed from a smartphone or tablet to a big screen television.

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Facebook will now let you save those lists and quizzes for later

Facebook will soon let you save your favorite things from Facebook. Not a local save, mind you, more of a Pocket for Facebook, and only in Facebook. With the save feature a tap or two will let you save a link, place, or bit of linked media (movie, TV show, or music) for later reference. Those hilarious (or incriminating) status updates and photos? You still can't save those — you'll still have to resort to a screenshot for that.

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iPhone and iPad app developers are the most likely to be making money

It's not easy to make it as an app developer. That's the key takeaway from the latest State of the Developer Nation report from Vision Mobile, pulling together data from more than 10,000 mobile developers (including some of you) across 137 countries. With that many developers they were able to get a broad view of what's popular and (more importantly) what's successful in making great apps.

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Marked 2 now available on the Mac App Store

Marked 2, a preview app for Markdown and other markup languages, is now available on the Mac App Store. While Marked 2 has been available from developer Brett Terpstra's site for a while now. Starting with Marked 2.3, the app will replace the original Marked app on the Store.

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Best workout apps for iPhone: What you need to get in shape and feel great!

Whether you want a quick workout or a way to make better use of your gym time, these are the best workout apps for iPhone!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you get in a daily workout? Squeezing in time to exercise between work, kids, social events, and other obligations isn't always easy. Luckily, there are lots of iPhone apps that can help you not only help you stay motivated but help you make the most of your workouts. Whether you're just starting out and want something simple or you're already hitting the gym multiple times a week and just want to get more efficient, there a are a lot of work out apps for iPhone to choose from. But which workout apps for iPhone are the very best?

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New, updated, and discounted apps: Angry Birds Epic, Game of Thrones Ascent, and more!

Every day dozens and dozens of new and updated apps and games hit the iOS and Mac App Stores. More still go on sale all the time. It's impossible to keep up with them all, but it's not impossible to pick out the very best. Here they are!

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Groove smartwatch-fitness tracker with iPhone app seeks Indiegogo funding

Groove is a new fitness-tracking smartwatch, curently seeking $200,000 of funding via Indigogo, that focuses on helping you find the balance necessary to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Groove, which will also have a companion iPhone app, can calibrate to your personal fitness level, and track how your daily activity contributes towards your overall fitness.

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What's on Joe's iPad right now!

I like to use my iOS devices as extensions of each other. The Home screen of my retina iPad mini in many ways mirrors the one on my iPhone because these are the apps that I want to have access to no matter which screen I'm using. I use one of Apple's iOS 7 wallpapers, and I keep only a few of Apple's stock apps on my screen, but they are the ones I use constantly.

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Best iPhone and iPad apps of the week: Overcast, Ingress, Kinomatic and more!

Once again we've gathered together the best iPhone apps and best iPad apps and games released this week! We'll regularly dig up the best, freshest social, music, photography and productivity apps for iOS, not to mention action games, shooter games, puzzle games, and anything in between. Come on and dig in to see our favorite releases over the last seven days!

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Twitter is about to make direct messages a little less maddening

Managing your direct messages on Twitter is about to get a lot more convenient, as the microblogging service announced today that it is rolling out an update over the coming weeks that makes "deleting DMs more consistent" across the web and mobile.

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