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Amazon's Matchbook service gives you cheap/free Kindle copies of print books

Amazon on Tuesday launched Matchbook, a new benefit for Amazon customers that provides you with access to inexpensive (or free) Kindle versions of print-edition books you've bought through Amazon. The service is launching with 70,000 titles, and works with your back catalog of past Amazon purchases, all the way back to 1995. Matchbook-qualifying titles are available for download for $2.99 or less.

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Ryan Jones on directing Weather Line for iPhone

Weather Line is an impeccably designed, delightfully crafted weather app that comes from another one of those director, developers, designer trios that seems to be working so wonderfully well lately. The director for Weather Line, Ryan Jones, was gracious enough to expound on why the world needed another weather app, what iOS 7 allowed them to do with it, and what his role entailed.

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Buffer suffers a hack, spammy messages going out on users Facebook accounts

Buffer, a handy app for cross-posting to multiple social networks, has experienced an unfortunate hack that is spamming some Facebook accounts. The Buffer team is aware of the issue, and is currently sending out emails explaining what's happening:

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BBM for iPhone line ups over, fast access now for everyone

When BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone debuted there was a waiting list to gain access. That's always a good way to mitigate against massive server loads, but not a great way to satisfy everyone who wants on now, now, now. Well, looks like the waiting list is a thing of the past, and millions of downloads later, the gates are wide open for anyone and everyone who wants in.

If you haven't tried BBM for iPhone yet, now's your chance. If you have, let me know what you think.

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iStat Menus gets updated with Mavericks fixes, new Mac support, more

One of my favorite OS X utilites, Bjango's iStat Menus, has been updated with improved Mavericks support, support for new Mac models and other changes.

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20 great tips to get more out of the new iMovie for iOS and Mac

iMovie, like all of Apple's iLife (and iWork) apps, received a substantial makeover to coincide with iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks. Whether you've been using iMovie for a while, or are just coming to it now, Serenity Caldwell has put together a fantastic list of tips to help you ramp up on the new version. Macworld:

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Grab your Lightsabers, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is half price on iPad!

If you're looking for a great iPad game to play this weekend, then look no further. Legendary title, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is half price for a limited time only, making it yours for just $4.99. At that price, it's too good to ignore, but it won't be around forever.

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Unibox for Mac takes a new approach to how you view and interact with email

Unibox for Mac is a new and unique alternative email client for Mac. Most of us are used to using emails as an inbox system that works in order of when we received things. Unibox aims to change that by making email about the people we interact with more than just the strings of messages attached to them.

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Apple's new Mac iWork apps: A big step back in workflow automation

On Tuesday evening Apple posted updates to its iWork apps for Mac - Pages, Keynote and Numbers. Featured during Apple's iPad and Mac event in San Francisco, the new versions of iWork apps sport new features, more thorough iCloud integration and an a unified file format compatible with their iOS counterparts. But there are some important pieces missing for users interested workflow automation, according to Clark Goble, who maintains Clark's Tech Blog. (Goble's post has been widely linked, so you can find a cached copy at if the original doesn't load for you.)

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IM+ updated for iOS 7, makes Off-the-Record Messaging free for all chats

IM+ is a messenger client for both iPhone and iPad that can combine all your favorite instant messenger clients into one easy to manage place. The new 8.0 version brings with it an updated interface that's been designed with iOS 7 in mind as well as making encrypted messaging free for everyone.

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