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Jawbone announces MINI JAMBOX, companion app, tons of boom

Jawbone has announced the MINI JAMBOX, the third in its JAMBOX line of Bluetooth speakers. A slimmer, lighter Jambox, the MINI JAMBOX features new speaker designs and colors compared to the original and BIG JAMBOX. The MINI connects using Bluetooth Low-Energy, unlike it's bigger siblings, and is supposed to get 10 hours of battery life, as opposed to th 15 hours of the other models.

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Best RSS apps for Mac: ReadKit, Leaf RSS Reader, and more!

RSS has long history on the Mac. It was even built into Apple's own Safari and Mail at one point. Likewise, Google Reader in the browser was immensely popular, as were OS X apps that used it for sync. Now Apple and Google have left the RSS feed reader business, a lot of new services have sprung up, and a lot of different apps have begun to support them. But which services work with which apps, and what are the best combinations? Here are my favorites!

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Capsule for iPhone makes it easy to discover new places, save the ones you like, and more

Capsule for iPhone is a map app of sorts that uses your current location to let you explore places and attractions around you. You can then save the places you like or ones you'd like to remember to visit later. Since Capsule ties into Foursquare, you can even view menu information for some restaurants.

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DeskConnect trumps iOS 7 AirDrop for file sharing

DeskConnect is a new app available for download from the App Store and Mac App Store that enables you to quickly and easily share files between Macs and iOS devices. And it's free

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Google Authenticator for iOS gets an improved look and bug fixes, but breaks your accounts in the process

IMPORTANT: There is several reports of the update actually wiping out existing set ups causing the need to pair up your account again before it works. Others report getting locked out. Avoid with extreme predudice until Google and Apple push out a fix

UPDATE: Google has pulled the app from the store. Phew! Hopefully it's back soon, and fixed!

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The annual iTunes Festival is underway, start watching it live now!

After months of build up, the annual Apple iTunes Festival is now underway in London. Tonight's first headline act of the month long event is Lady Gaga, and you can watch the whole set live on your iOS device, Mac, Windows PC or Apple TV!

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Photoristic HD for iPad is a great canvas for basic to semi-advanced photo editing

Photoristic HD for iPad is an editing app specifically for iPad that gives you a lot of the basic editing tools Adobe's Camera Raw program would give you including white and black levels, luminance, split toning, and more. For those who use a camera kit with a DSLR and need to do quick edits on the fly, Photoristic HD is a nice option to have on standby.

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Apps of the week: Indie Pixel, Editorial, StuntCopter and much more!

It's a holiday weekend in the U.S. and Canada, and that means it's time for iMore's editorial Oompa-Loompas to share with you a selection of our most used apps.

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With the PS4 companion app for iOS, buy a new game and have it waiting for you at home

Back in February we first heard about Sony's plans for a companion app for iOS to their new PlayStation 4 console. Part of the functionality will be a mobile store – sort of like the one Steam already offers – where you will be able to purchase new PS4 titles on the go. Now it seems that it goes a little further than that.

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Best iPhone and iPad apps for getting around the London Underground

If you live in, or visit London at any point, there's a higher than average chance you'll use the infamous 'Tube' to get around the city. It's busy, it's cramped, but it's still the quickest way generally of getting from A-to-B and avoiding the horrendously congested roads. But what if you don't know how to get where you're going, or just generally want to keep the latest Underground information at your fingertips? The good news is there's some great apps for your iPhone and iPad to help you get around on the Underground.

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