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Mail Enhancer for jailbreak review

Get custom signatures, notifications, and highlights for iPhone Mail with Mail Enhancer for jailbreak

Mail Enhancer adds a great deal of extra functionality to your jailbroken iPhone, including the ability to set custom signatures for different accounts, tailored notifications, advanced mail sorting options, and account highlighting. If the stock version of iOS simply doesn't meet your needs, and you're looking for more and better functionality, give Mail Enhancer a try.

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Cut the Buttons review

"All the thrill of running with scissors without any of the danger or mess, Cut the Buttons for iPhone and iPad is unique, challenging, and most importantly, fun."

Now here's game that takes advantage of the iPhone and iPad's multitouch screens to create something truly unique. In Cut the Buttons, your goal is control a pair of scissors with two fingers, like you would in real life, and cut the buttons off pieces of fabric that come flying by. I swear it's not as easy as it sounds!

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Best handwriting notes app for iPad: Noteshelf review

"Whether you're a student or teacher, an intern or executive, if you have an iPad and you take notes, get Noteshelf."

Noteshelf is currently the best way to take and share handwritten notes on the iPad. Why would you want to do that? Well, we live in a digital world and it's become much, much easier to carry a single, multifunctional iPad around than a heavy stack of books, grocery lists, calendars, journals, notebooks, scrap papers, sketchbooks, and stickies. Sure, the iPad comes with a keyboard based Notes app built in, but there's still something to said about writing by hand. Call it therapeutic. Call it efficient. Call it necessary. There are simply more things to take note of than are currently possible with a keyboard alone.

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Say goodbye to real-world junk mail with PaperKarma for iPhone

You come home, tired and frazzled, reach into your mailbox to get the letter you're expecting or the bills you're dreading, and all you come out with is a fist-full of... junk mail. Well, PaperKarma is here to put an end to it, an end to the unsolicited promotions clogging your mail and littering your curb. And it's as simple as taking a photo.

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Hundred PushUps for iPhone will help you get your upper body strength on! [Giveaway]

We're into the second week of Mobile Nations fitness month and it's time to get more serious about your strength training. If upper body strength is on your want list, Hundred PushUps is the perfect app to help get you results. It's a six week program whose ultimate goal is to get you to successfully complete 100 consecutive pushups in a row.

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Microsoft rolls out its MSN iPad app to the USA and Canada

Microsoft has rolled out its popular MSN app to the USA and Canada. It was originally launched at the end of January as a UK only release. The MSN app brings you all of the latest news, sports, entertainment and much more form the Microsoft network in a beautiful magazine style layout on your iPad.

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Never miss another birthday or anniversary with Yearly for iPhone

Yearly may be duplicating some functionality of Apple's built-in apps, but it's focusing on a single function -- keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries -- and it does beautifully.

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Best iPhone app for cloud storage: Dropbox review

"When it comes to storing and syncing files online, Dropbox's accessibility from multiple platforms, easy to use interface, free starting service, and reasonably priced professional services make it hard to beat."

Dropbox is one of several high-profile cloud storage and sync solutions, but it comes out on top due to its fantastic iPhone (and iPad) support, multi-platform availability, easy to use interfaces, excellent availability and reliability, and highly competitive pricing.

Apple's iCloud is a great way to keep your personal information, your device data, and a few, compatible files like iWork backed up and in sync. However, iCloud doesn't provide anything beyond that. If you want to store files strictly online, if you want to access and edit them from other platforms, if you want past versions of files kept available, if you want an actual filesystem to work with, then iCloud isn't enough. (Anything a previous user of iDisk on MobileMe or .Mac knows and laments.)

Dropbox does all this, easily and transparently, and more.

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Learn how to make your lattes more beautiful with Coffee Art for iPhone

Your dreams of becoming the perfect home barista who offers up beautiful lattes to your guests will come true with Coffee Art for iPhone. This app will teach you in great detail how to add hearts, tulips, and even dragons to the top of your espresso drinks.

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Apple TV jailbreak package aTV Flash (black) gets updated with automated firmware backups, playback improvements and more

The fine folks from Fircore have been working on a new update to aTV Flash (black) for jailbroken AppleTV's and have now released it as v1.3.

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