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Apps offering 50 GB of free storage with their iPhone and iPad app, the popular cloud storage service, released an update to their iPhone and iPad app to support iOS 5 and AirPlay connectivity for wireless streaming - oh, and 50 GB of free storage! Between now and December 2, if you download the app or update a previously installed version, you will receive a 50 GB lifetime account.

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App Giveaway: Skyfire Web Browser

Skyfire Web Browser, the popular iPhone and iPad app that lets you watch flash videos, received an update today. Now it will suggest videos that you will like based on what you've watched. It's like Pandora - for video!

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iCloud causing data clearing problems for iOS 5 apps

Marco Arment, creator of the popular Instapaper app for the iPhone and iPad, noticed an problem related to changes made in iOS 5 tied to iCloud backups.

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UltraSn0w iPhone unlock for iOS 5 coming tomorrow?

iOS Dev-Team member MuscleNerd says that UltraSn0w will be updated as soon as tomorrow with support for iOS 5, allowing iPhone users to unlock their device to use on unsupported carriers.

will coordinate ultrasn0w iOS5 compatibility update to come out after a planned MobileSubstrate update tomorrow

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WeatherPro update hits, brings iCloud support and increased radar support

No one likes when their favorite application is left out of the update party, and the folks behind WeatherPro didn't want you to feel that way either. An update has hit the AppStore for WeatherPro users that enables iCloud support for those of you who have updated to iOS 5 along with increased radar support. Knowing the weather for the day ahead is always pretty important to many of us, no one likes to walk out of the door in their finest of clothing and step right into the middle of a wild thunderstorm, do they?

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Porting Siri to other iOS devices requires piracy, likely won't be a reality

iPhone Dev-Team member MuscleNerd has gone on the record stating a port of Siri to other iOS devices outside of the new iPhone 4S will require piracy, and likely won't ever see the light of day as a consequence.

Anyone hoping for a "port" of Siri from iPhone4S: pending a very low-level A5 exploit, it likely can't be done without piracy

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Apple releases iTunes Movie Trailers for iPhone and iPad

Apple has added yet another app to their collection - iTunes Movie Trailers. As the name implies, this app is for watching movie previews and saving your favorites. iTunes Movie Trailers is iCloud enabled, so if you mark a favorite on your iPhone, you can watch it later on your iPad. It also supports AirPlay so that you can watch the trailers on your TV with Apple TV.

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Apple updates Pages, Numbers, and Keynote with iCloud support

One of the announced features of iCloud is the ability to keep all your files from Apple's Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps up to date. The update to those apps that bring this support is now available.

I am particularly excited about using Numbers with iCloud. I use Numbers on my iPad to record my students' grades, but sometimes I forget to bring my iPad to class. It never fails that those are the days that a student notices that I made a mistake and needs a grade changed. Before iCloud, I would make a note in my notes app and make the change later. Now, I'll just open the spreadsheet with Numbers on my iPhone, make the change, and it will be reflected on the spreadsheet on my iPad. Win.

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Apple's new Cards app hits the App Store

Apple has released their new Cards app which allows you to create physical cards personalized with your photos and text and mail them right from your phone.

I just tried it out, and within minutes, I created a card with my daughter's photo, added my own text, and ordered it to be shipped to my mom. I would like to see more card templates in the future, including some that are "just because". However, you can change the text to any of the templates and make it your own.

When I first learned about cards, I was indifferent about it because I didn't expect to use it much because I'm not the type of person who sends other people cards. However, now that sending a cards is so easy, and so personal, and so affordable. I think I'm going to start sending out more cards.

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TiPb Asks: Are your TV and movie apps working with iOS 5 AirPlay Mirroring?

While we haven't had time to test all of them, but off the bat we're getting mixed results with AirPlay Mirroring of iPad 2 TV and movie apps. CityTV wouldn't work -- it cited contractual obligations. CTV did work and so did Global. Crackle was buggy. We're trying more now.

Some TV and movie apps use Apple's built in media controls so AirPlay works automagically. Others... have opted out. We were kind of hoping AirPlay Mirroring would let us work around it. Maybe it will. Or maybe Hollywood will update to shut it out of more apps. We shall see.

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