CEO confirms Netflix won't be a part of Apple's new video play

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In a move that should surprise absolutely nobody who's been paying attention for the past several years, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings on Monday said that you won't be signing up for Netflix from inside of Apple's upcoming and still very-much-unannounced streaming service.

From ReCode:

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings confirmed Monday that the company won't be selling subscriptions to its video service through a hub that Apple plans on launching, similar to one that Amazon already uses to sell video subscription services like HBO and Showtime. Facebook is working on a similar plan."Apple's a great company. We want to have people watch our shows on our services," Hastings said at a press event Monday in Los Angeles.

That's been an expected decision, since Netflix has declined to be included in the TV app on Apple devices, which aggregates content from various services under a single app, the idea being that users would only have to go to a single place to find all the shows they want to watch.

While Apple has yet to announce anything officially — we'll learn more on March 25 — it's widely expected that one feature of the new service would be the ability to sign up for various other services through Apple. So if you want to subscribe to, say, Hulu, you'd just do it through Apple. ... Somehow.

That's separate from the original content Apple has been commissioning. It's unknown whether this new service will launch with any of that content, or if it'll be rely on third parties for now.

But one thing is certain — it won't include Netflix.

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