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What you need to know

  • Chipolo has released a new ad for its ONE Spot item tracker.
  • The ad pokes fun at Apple's AirTag ahead of its release on Friday.

Ahead of its launch, Chipolo has run a new ad for the Chipolo ONE Spot, the first third-party tracking product to support Apple's Find My network.

The ad, which looks to promote the capabilities of the new tracker, also pokes fun at Apple's own AirTag tracking product. The email, which was sent to those who have signed up to be notified with Chipolo ONE Spot is available, highlights that the ONE Spot does not require an accessory.

While the ad doesn't call out AirTag directly, the company is clearly poking fun at the fact that Apple's AirTag does not have a hole in it to easily attach it to a keyring, which is surely going to be one of the most popular use cases for AirTag when it becomes available on Friday.

Apple Airtag AccessoriesSource: Apple

In order to attach an AirTag to a keychain, you'll need to buy a keychain accessory that is made to hold Apple's new tracker. The Chipolo ONE Spot, on the other hand, has a keychain-sized hole already built into the tracker. While some AirTag accessories are as cheap as a few bucks, others from luxury companies like Hermès can range up to $699.

Apple's decision to make AirTag without a keychain hole is most likely for two reasons. For one, the company expects AirTag to be used for a lot more than just keychains, so including the hole would be unnecessary for most products it is being used to track. The second, of course, is that omitting the feature opens up a world of AirTag accessories which not only is a win for Apple and third-party accessory makers but customers who want to personalize their AirTag.

AirTag will be available to purchase on the Apple Store website, Apple Store app, and in Apple Stores on Friday, April 30. The Chipolo ONE Spot will begin shipping in June.

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AirTag lets you find all of your items right in the Find My app. You can personalize it with free engraving, accessorize it, and replace the battery as needed.

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