Civilization: Beyond Earth now available for Mac

Civilization: Beyond Earth is now available for OS X. The latest installment in the Civilization series takes humanity to a new world in an effort to survive. Published by 2K, the game was ported to OS X by Aspyr, who took charge over the previous entries in the series.

Beyond Earth is built on the same engine as Civilization V, utilizing the same hexagonal grid for turn-based strategy. The game features many familiar features, while addign new ones where necessary. For instance, players no longer choose world leaders for a nation, but rather what country or power backed their extraterrestrial expedition. The old tech trees are gone in favor of a new, more organic tech web.

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Aspyr says that Civilization: Beyond Earth requires OS X Yosemite or later. It is available on the Mac App Store for 25 percent off for a limited time. You can also purchase it from Steam, or Aspyr's own GameAgent store.

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