Well here is yet one more attempt to get cut/copy and paste going via a Jailbroken app from iSpazio. Clippy inserts two buttons into the iPhone system keyboard, one for copying and the other for pasting. One major gripe is that it only accepts user-entered text. So there is no copying any text from web sites or emails, etc...

It’s very easy to use this app. Once installed, start typing text, then select it with your finger, and tap the “123″ key to show a new line at the top of your keyboard. Now tap copy and then enjoy yourself to paste your text in every other app you want!

Again, this app is available for free if you have a Jailbroken iPhone. To try it out, simply go to the iSpazio Repository in Cydia and download it straight to your phone. While this app is not perfect, it is a much better attempt than the previous tries

[Story via iSpazio. Screenshot via TUAW via iPhone Download Blog]