Timecard Pro is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you keeps track of the hours you worked and supports multiple jobs. Additionally, it will calculate how much money you've earned after each day and keep and running total.

Timecard Pro is a multi-use app to keep track of your hours worked. It's great for freelance workers, employers to track their employees, or for anyone who wants to see a live view of how much money they're earning.

Simply add your Job(s) or employees, and then clock in and out whenever needed. At the end of your pay period, you can export your timecard and email it to your boss or client.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Simple, single touch "Clock in/Clock Out" button for on-the-go time tracking
  • Main display shows money earned, clock-in time, and how many hours you've worked
  • Front page has a drop-down menu to select the current client/employee you want to track
  • Clock into multiple jobs at the same time
  • Set up a different hourly rate for each job
  • Calculate overtime hours (On/Off setting)
  • Add multiple jobs, by name, and multiple pay periods for a given job
  • Export individual pay periods via in-app email (won't exit the app)
  • Add individual days that you missed
  • Manually edit your hours for a given day
  • Manually edit when your pay period ends or begins.
  • Add notes for each job or day, and include them in your exported timecard (can be turned off).
  • 2 themes (Black or White).
  • Multitasking support implemented
  • All high-resolution, custom graphics built for the iPhone 4 Retina Display (App works on all iOS devices though) And many MANY more features to come!

Timecard Pro is available on the iPhone and iPad for $0.99.

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