CNBC's "Planet of the Apps: A Hand-Held Revolution!" Airs Tonight

CNBC's "Planet of the Apps: A Hand-Held Revolution!" airs tonight at 10PM ET/PT and should be viewed by all iPhone owners. It is a one-hour documentary, reported by CNBC's Scott Wapner, that takes a look at how this cultural phenomenon had truly changed the way we live and how the launch of the Apple iPhone back in 2007 gave birth to a revolution in mobile technology and a new breed of entrepreneurs.


blockquote>As the popularity of apps continues to soar and users view them as an essential tool for everyday life, Apple has opened the door for outside developers to create new apps and a new breed of entrepreneurs allowing anyone from an engineer to a Hollywood star to an everyday person to become an app developer.

So it starts in 20 minutes! Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

IM Staff

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