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What you need to know

  • Apple TV+ show The Afterparty featured different genres for each episode.
  • Composer Daniel Pemberton has been speaking about creating the themes for each episode.
  • Pemberton had to create 10 different themes to match the episodes of the first season.

The Afterparty has become something of a cult classic among viewers of the streaming service and now composer Daniel Pemberton has been speaking about what went into creating the music for the show. For starters, he says he had to come up with no fewer than 10 different scores for it.

Speaking at a Deadline panel, Pemberton says that the show's 10 different film genres — each episode was told from a different perspective, including new genre — meant that he also needed to write 10 different themes as well.

"There's 10 different film genres within this show," Pemberton said during a panel at Deadline's Sound & Screen awards-season concert event. "It's like an action film, there's a rom-com, there's a thriller, there's a David Lynch arthouse movie, there's animation."

Pemberton goes into some of the details surrounding the particular themes that he wrote and he does note that while he would normally try to create music that is more unusual, his role with The Afterparty meant that he had to do the complete opposite — make something that is exactly what people would expect given the genre at hand.

"I always like trying to make music that doesn't feel like what you'd expect," Pemberton said. "But in this case, when I was doing the genre films, I had to do exactly what you'd expect to sell those ideas."

Apple TV+ show The Afterparty has already been signed for a second season and those who are yet to take in the first should fix that ASAP. It's now available to stream from beginning to end on Apple TV+ — all you need is a $4.99 per month subscription or be paying for the Apple One bundle.

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