How to cost-effectively deal with Lodsys and other app patent trolls

Florian Mueller from FOSS Patents has put up a heart-breaking yet pragmatic set of recommendations for developers on how to cost-effectively deal with Lodsys and other patent trolls who target small, independent app makers. (If you're a mega corporation with billions of dollars in the war chest this obviously doesn't apply to you.) While Apple has filed a motion to intervene, there's no guarantees that it'll work, and it's unknown what, if any, support they're providing iOS developers beyond that. Google has yet to do or say anything, leaving Android developers entirely in the lurch. So...

  1. Get legal council
  2. Keep legal council on a tight leash: finding out what, if any coverage Apple or Google will provide you, and potentially working out the licensing agreement with Lodsys (or other patent troll)
  3. Pooling resources and sharing legal fees with other developers, where there's overlap and it makes sense
  4. Patent litigation is incredibly expensive
  5. Future patent trolls may show up, Lodsys is the problem now.

Mueller breaks it down in a lot of detail and sites a lot of examples, so if this is an area of particular concern, hit the link below and start reading.

[FOSS Patents]