Picturebook is a new iPhone and iPad app for kids to create their own stories. It's designed so that even young children who do not know how to read or write can use Picturebook as a digital sticker book.

Picturebook is very easy to use and most kids will be able to dive right into story-writing without any guidance. The clipart that comes free with the app is a little limiting, but there is much more available as in-app purchases

Create and share your very own illustrated stories in a few simple steps!

  • Nurtures creativity and writing skills
  • Can be used as a digital sticker book without text for younger children
  • Fun for all ages (parents, too!)
  • Extra picture sets include school, farm animals, Cinderella, ninjas and more

Picturebook is available on the iPhone and iPad for free. The add-on picture sets available as in-app purchases are on sale in celebration of Picturebook's launch.

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