If you have ever wanted to download YouTube videos directly to your iOS device and haven't found a good solution yet, well we may have the answer. What's more, this tip does not require a jailbroken device. Read on and we will show you how right after the break!

[Thanks to  Colin for sending us this awesome tip, we'll send something special your way!]

Download TagDisk  from the App Store. To test the app, the free “Lite” version will do fine but it is restricted to four video downloads, if you find this app useful, you may want to upgrade to the full version.

  • Once installed, launch TagDisk. You will be greeted with the “Disk” screen, click on the browser on the bottom toolbar and enter "youtube.com" into the address bar.

  • This will take you to the YouTube home page where you can search and find videos as normal. When you have found a video you would like to download, hold your finger on the link and an options menu will appear. Select "Download Link" and the video will start to download to your device.

  • You can now start to queue a few videos up and they will download one after another to your device. Download speed is not the fastest here. I was on an 8 Meg ADSL connection but only managed to download at 130KB/Sec.

  • When all the downloads are complete, click on the "Disk" icon in the bottom toolbar and go into Documents. Here you will find your downloaded videos. A simple click on one of the videos and it will start to play. No need for any network connection to watch the downloaded videos!

That is all you need to do. I even tested this with Vimeo as well as YouTube and again it works perfectly. This little tip is awesome for me personally as I have awful broadband speeds at home. I can now download a slew of YouTube videos while I am at the office and enjoy them at my leisure without dealing with the stuttering, waiting and dropouts!

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