Sees like Geohot, the original iPhone hacker, was set to announce "one jailbreak to rule them all", or a simple, clean way to jailbreak all current iPhone and iPod devices, when another hacker team, Chronic, announced the same exploit and plans for a tool of their own, dubbed greenpois0n. Geohot responded on Twitter and his blog that, in light of their disclosing the exploit he felt a) they were taking credit for his work and b) Apple would patch it fast enough that it wasn't worth doing any more.

Hackers, guys, boobalas: as much as the jailbreak community gives all of you all due respect and admiration, get over each other. You don't owe anybody anything, not even the 3.1OTB (out the box)-hungry community who's benefitted greatly from your work over the years, but you don't need to spite the community over each other either. Apple's the one you have the cat-and-mouse game with, right?

Just do the awesome Jailbreak voodoo that you do so well.