The developers behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood are making a Katy Perry game

Hot off her Super Bowl XLIX halftime show performance, singer-songwriter-ascendent-pop-queen Katy Perry is poised to get her very own mobile game. The as-of-yet untitled game is being developed by Glu Mobile, the same company that inflicted Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on the world.

Why is Glu making a game based on Perry? It's simple, per Glu CEO Niccolo de Masi:

"Katy is arguably the most recognized musician in America following her Super Bowl XLIX Halftime performance this past Sunday. She is a cultural icon and we expect to translate key elements of her success into an innovative, highly entertaining mobile experience. We anticipate that Katy's significant global audience, including more than 170 million fans on social media, will make her a strong gaming partner for Glu."

The currently-in-development game is expected to launch onto iOS and Android in late 2015, and will feature Perry's voice, likeness, and — in an unexpected miracle of technology — her personality (that, or it's simply going to be programmed with the sort of things that Katy Perry would say or do).

Additional details, like how much the game will cost or what songs you'll get to sing as Perry's presumably protege (please let this result in a video of Phil singing "I Kissed A Girl", pleeaaaaaase) aren't yet available, but we'd count on "free" and "a boatload in-app" being operative terms here.

Source: Glu Mobile

Derek Kessler

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