Dev-Team: Snow Leopard Safe for Jailbreak or Unlock

On Friday, Apple launched their new Mac operating system, OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, and whenever that happens, Mac iPhone Jailbreakers everyone wonder if, on purpose or by accident (oh, hi DFU bug!) Apple will somehow break the Jailbreak. Well, good news this time around -- Snow Leopard looks to be Jailbreak safe according to the Dev-Team:

Snow Leopard, the OS released for Mac on Friday, poses no new wrinkles for the redsn0w jailbreak or ultrsn0w unlock. [...] We’re glad to see Apple joining in on the “snow” theme. If only Apple had called their new OS “Sn0w Leopard”!


Rene Ritchie

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  • Do people still jailbreak? (other than to pirate apps)
  • @frog
    please go read the jailbreak forums for an answer. Jailbreaking is not for pirating apps, even if some choose to do that
  • I have Backgrounder, SBSettings, and Notifier... no apps.
    There goes the pirating theory.
    As far as breaking jailbreak... I still have an old Powerbook G4 with Tiger I could always dig out if necessary. :)
  • Dude! Jailbreaking is necessary! Takes your iPhone up a level.
  • I Jailbreak for 3 reasons, none of which have anything to do with pirating apps! In fact I still buy apps from apple's app store.
    I jailbrek for 1) Backgrounder, mostly so I can backround Pandora and/or Navigon, 2) SBSettings, it's such a wonderful time saver, and 3) Notifier so I can see notifications in the top bar no matter where I am at on the phone (even from the lock screen).
  • I jailbroke my 1st gen over a year ago, pre app store. It sucked. The only available jailbroken apps were horrible and techy and not worth it. I hear it's better now though.
    I heard there's an app store that gives away the paid apps for free. That's horrible since most of the apps are very cheap. The developers should get their $$.
    I have considered jailbreaking again for the Backgrounder app. A buddy though went through some pain trying to UNjailbreak his though and ended up loosing all his workout history in the iFitness app :S.
    I'm still on the fence so we'll see :P
  • jailbroke 3G for video camera. sold it on eBay. will not jailbreak 3G S
  • What are the benefits of JB mac?
  • @Hakala
    The story isn't about jailbreaking the Mac, it's about using the latest Mac OS to jailbreak an iPhone.
  • I unjailbroke for 3.0, I definitely miss a few if the jb apps :( I DONT miss the stability issues and lagginess that my 3G had CONSTANTLY with the jb software. I don't recommend doing much with backgrounder if you have the slower iPhone 3G. Not enough RAM to go around unfortunately.
  • @Al
    That's true. But one doesn't NEED to do much with Backgrounder. I'll only enable an app to run in the background so I can temporarily close it out and jump to another app without losing anything I've done ? then, disable it immediately when I return to it. There's no reason for Apple not to allow one background app at a time for this sort of purpose, especially when a badge shows that it's running.
    Users run down their batteries with games and video, but Apple's not concerned with THAT "not being good for the customer." Well, guess what Apple? I don't play games, or watch video, or even listen to music on my iPhone. I just want one background app for conducting business. What about responsible adult customers like us, Apple? ;)
  • I use jailbreak to try out ainstrument pps before I buy them. As a musician, the App Store holds a few gems and a lot of garbage. Unfortunately, a lot of the garbage is very overpriced. The best guitar tuner I have seen is 2.99, while the worst is 149.99. Personally, I'm happy to take a gamble on a 99 cent game. But for an important tool that I will use every day, I want to know that I am gonna like it before I shell out 149.99.
  • It's pretty easy to do and even easier to undo. QuickSMS, backgrounder, 3Gunrestrictor, and SBSetings are reason enough. Only recommended for an iphone 3gs though..the previous phone lags enough on 3.0.
  • I have a jailbroken 3G and it's running fine. I found that Winterboard was what slowed everything to a snail's pace so I got rid of it. Love SBSettings, Backgrounder, 3G enabler ($2), Youtuber ($2) Cycorder and 5 icon dock. Battery life is shorter. But phone is much more useful than before.
  • I m a new user could someone explain to me where I could find more about jailbreaking.
    Thank you in advance!
  • @bar-coders
    go to and click on "why jailbreak"
  • I did my 3g jailbreak just a few weeks ago to get the SlingMedia working on 3g. To my surprise I get better 3g stability, less dropped calls, and Sling works very well AND works on EDGE. Not bad. I get my apps through iTunes still. It's helped my iphone greatly. ed