Have you downloaded 60 apps for your iPhone or iPad?

As Apple's iTunes App Store closes in on 10 billion downloads asymco does some Leanna style math and estimates 60 apps have been downloaded for every iOS device -- iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. They draw three conclusions:

  1. Apps overtaking digital music is a watershed event. Apps are a new medium: they will impact all other media.
  2. As the number of apps attached to any single device continues to increase, apps create increasingly higher switching costs for users.
  3. Apps consumption is increasing at a rate to overtake the PC software market.

Check out the link below to see additional charts and the process asymco used to get to these numbers.

I know I must have downloaded way more than 60 apps by now but I've had 2 iPhones, an iPod touch and an iPad and I'm not sure I've downloaded 240 apps total to make the 60 app average. How about you? How many iOS apps have you downloaded and for how many devices? And does that app investment make you reluctant to switch to Android or another platform?



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