Dragalia Lost for iOS: Tips and tricks

It felt like only yesterday when Nintendo kept saying that they'll never release games on mobile smartphones and tablets. Yet, we now have four games based on existing IPs (Miitomo, Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp), and now a mobile RPG with no prior IP history called Dragalia Lost.

Dragalia Lost is an entirely new RPG that isn't based on any existing property of Nintendo. It's developed with Cygames, and is a heavily anime-influenced RPG that's pretty fun to play.

It's been out in the U.S. for a few months now, but recently launched in Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and a few other countries.

We already have a beginner's guide for you, and today we're going to go even further with more tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Dragalia Lost.

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Explore every nook and cranny of the map

The stages in Dragalia Lost have pretty simple maps, but it's easy to miss something, especially after you encounter a fork in the road, choose a direction, and don't bother circling back. The paths are like hallways (think Final Fantasy XIII), so you may not feel like you've missed anything.

However, since the map clearly tells you when you're about to move on to the boss, I'd recommend doing some backtracking before that. You should go back to the other path that you didn't take because there's usually a treasure chest that's tucked away. You should also take a whack at any objects, like barrels, or even foliage in the environment, since there can be items hiding among them.

Also, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for shiny spots — a clear sign that there's something good hiding right there.

Pay attention to the elemental status of each stage

Every stage is affiliated with a specific element, and you can find out what that is by checking the icon next to the level name. You should use this information to plan out your team accordingly.

Remember, Dragalia Lost has a rock-paper-scissors system when it comes to elemental affiliations. Fire beats Wind, Wind defeats Water, and Water triumphs over Fire. Light and Dark are opposites of each other so they're best suited against each other.

To make your own party members stronger against their own weaknesses, be sure to unlock their affliction resistance passive trait in their Mana Circles.

Be mindful of the suggested might level numbers

Another thing to pay attention to on each stage is the "suggested might level." This is that number on each stage, and it's basically how strong your team should be before taking on that stage.

As your characters level up and get upgraded in various ways, their stats increase, including their overall power. When you have a full team, the strength of each adventurer is taken into account. The power level of the team is the sum of each character's overall power.

The suggested might levels are important because if your team's numbers are below it, you'll have a harder time beating the enemies on the map. If your numbers meet the minimum, then it shouldn't be too difficult for you.

Create six varying teams of characters

Since every chapter focuses on a different elemental type for enemy encounters, you should have several different team options available.

In the beginning, you'll just have a few adventurers at your disposal, so your team would be a bit mismatched. However, as you acquire new heroes through the story or summons, you'll end up with a large variety of options to choose from.

Dragalia Lost allows players to create up to six different teams that can be saved for easy access. This also allows for plenty of experimentation as you figure out what works best in terms of variety and strength.

To choose a different team, just tap on the arrows or swipe horizontally as you view your team before going into the level. You can also make last-minute edits if needed.

Reserve skills and dragon form for boss encounters

For the most part, you should be able to get through the regular mobs just fine with normal attacks. Fallen foes also drop the shiny blue crystals that fill up your dragon form gauge, so make sure to mow them all down.

Every character has their own unique special skill that must charge up by defeating small foes. Once these are ready to get used, just tap on the skill icon at the bottom. These attacks dish out more damage than regular hits, and therefore should be saved for when you need them, such as in boss battles.

All adventurers can turn into a dragon as well, as long as they have it equipped. Beat small enemies to gather those crystals, and then tap on the dragon portrait when you want to transform. While you're a dragon, you're invincible and hit much harder than your human form, so it's best to shift into dragon mode during boss battles so you don't waste it.

Force bosses out of Overdrive with Force Break attacks

During boss fights, after the boss takes a certain amount of damage, they shift into Overdrive mode. While in Overdrive, they'll attack much faster, so you'll have to be quick to evade getting hit. Fortunately, the game tells you when enemies do area-of-effect attacks thanks to red markers, so it's just a matter of being attentive.

Fortunately, Overdrive mode only lasts for a brief amount of time, similar to your dragon forms. However, if you want to break enemies out of these buffed up modes faster, make use of characters' Force Break attacks.

Force Break attacks need to be unlocked first through their Mana Circles, but these attacks are incredibly useful. If you successfully land these hits, they'll deplete the enemy's Overdrive gauge quicker, so they become less of a threat.

Bosses also end up in a stunned and vulnerable state once broken out of Overdrive, where they can't move and take more damage than normal. Take advantage of that to dish out as much damage as possible and finish them off.

Some enemies also have protective barriers, and the only way to get through their defenses is to use a Force Break attack. So when you're given the opportunity to do so, unlock everyone's Force Break attack ASAP.

Upgrade everyone

As you unlock more characters, you'll want to still upgrade everyone evenly, or as best as you can. That way, you can have adventurers of every element ready to go when you need them, without having to worry about them being too weak for a particular stage.

There are many ways to upgrade a character. The most straightforward way is to use them in battle, as they gain experience points and level up. You can also use upgrade materials, such as medals, to give characters experience and boost their levels without throwing them into battle.

Mana Circles are also important to a character's growth since this is where you can boost their stats and unlock new skills. However, Mana is a limited resource, so you should definitely prioritize upgrades here if you want enough Mana to go around for everyone. Definitely go for each character's Force Strike ability first, as that proves to be invaluable throughout the game.

Crafting and equipping looted weapons also boosts character power, as well as giving them dragon forms and Wyrmprints.

Replay completed stages for experience and items

If you begin to run into stages where the might level is a bit too high for you, or if things start to feel more difficult than they should be, it's time to go back and do some grinding.

You can always backtrack and replay stages that you've already completed to just get some extra experience and items for upgrades. It may seem a bit tedious at first, but this is what most RPGs are about. You'll need to do some training to best all of your foes, after all.

The game also has an item called "Skip Tickets," where you can collect the experience and items from a stage without playing through it again. However, keep in mind that these are limited (you do get some as daily rewards), so you can't just skip and auto collect everything forever.

Always go for the Tenfold Summon

While the story unlocks new characters every so often, you'll be acquiring new heroes mostly through Summoning. This requires Wyrmite to do, which is the game's currency, and it's fairly generous with handing Wyrmite out as rewards for logging in, completing stages, and finishing Endeavors.

However, a single Summon costs 150 Wyrmite, and what you get is completely random. There is a table where you can see what the odds are of obtaining a character, dragon, or item.

But it's definitely recommended to save up that precious Wyrmite to do the Tenfold Summon, which costs 1500 Wyrmite (the same as 10 individual single summons) but you're guaranteed at least one four-star rated or higher Adventurer, Dragon, or Wyrmprint.

Another option, if you have the required amount of Diamantium (premium currency), is to go for the Daily Deal adventurer. This guarantees that specific character for the day, but you need the Diamantium to do so, which usually requires an in-app purchase.

Make some friends

Before diving into each stage, you'll get prompted to pick an additional team member. These characters are based on other Dragalia Lost players and are usually the leaders of their crafted teams.

After each battle, the game asks if you want to send that player a friend request. It's always a good thing to make some friends on this game because you'll gain powerful allies that you can use in battle if needed.

Unfortunately, these additional team members are limited to only using their special attack in battle, so it's not like they'll be adding to the fray like your own characters. Still, it's nice to have that extra firepower when facing off against tough bosses.

Check in to your castle regularly

After a certain point in the game, you'll unlock the "Castle Grounds," which is like a customizable castle area to call your own. It's essentially the city building part of the game.

With the Castle Grounds, you're able to place various buildings down to produce your own resources. For example, if you put in a Rupie Mine, you'll be able to produce the gold coin needed to purchase Upgrade Essentials. This is also where the Dragon Roost is, where you can feed all of your dragons the "Fresh Bread" item to increase your bond with them.

The castle's definitely for your own benefit, so make sure to check in on it every now and then to collect your valuable resources.

Unleash your inner dragon

Dragalia Lost is a little social RPG from Nintendo that's entertaining and fun. It's definitely a fresh approach for them, since it's not based on any existing IP, and there's plenty of action and customization involved.

These tips should help you get through the toughest of times in the game, and don't forget to check out our beginner's guide for more about Dragalia Lost!

Are you playing Dragalia Lost? Have more tips and tricks to share with others? Mention them in the comments below!

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